Good DL discs for 3540?

Unfortunately Verbatim’s DL discs seem to be available only in jewelcases and I would need quite many discs for making backup of TV-serie and discs sold in cakebox would be much better for that.

So how well these DL discs work with 3540?

DVD+R 8,5 GB Datawrite CMC Double Layer, media code: CMC MAG D01
DVD+R 8,5 GB RICOH Double/Dual Layer 2.4x, media Code: RICOHJPND00

Or are DVD+R DL 8,5 GB Ridisc 2,4x (Media Code:CMC MAG D01) better?

EDIT: I found one more available in cakeboxes/spindles but they have only this information.
PrimeDisc DVD+R 8,5GB Double Layer 2,4x

I think it would be really useful to have some sticky summary thread in which different medias would be listed with description how well they work with NEC’s drives…
Now information of different medias are so scattered that finding them is hard.

There’s a sticky in the form of a massive 3540 review here. It includes a huge review on DL burning. The short version reads: Verbatim for DL. But keep in mind that DL’s are young and far from being a mature media.