Good Disc Cleaner

Heya, i personally have to use alot of horribly scratched cd’s and dvd’s… alot. I have a cheap piece of crap $30 disc cleaner (GameDoctor) But it doesnt work the way i want it too, basically all it does is clean off all the dust and fingerprints. I cant find any non-sucky disc cleaners that will actually fill in small to medium scratches thus my being able to have a very clean working disc (crucial for what i do). Does anybody know of anything for $100 or less that will fill in small-medium scratches? Any help is greatly appreciated.


o.O ummmm, please enlighten me on how to use toothpaste to solve the problem of scratches ( such as not a temporary fill, a fill that will last for more than at least 2 weeks), and if you are even serious heh

Toothpaste is a very fine abrasive so it will pollish the really small scratches. Brasso (metal polish) is also recomended by some. If you want to get more aggresive, there are automotive polishes that are designed for buffing paint. There are several grades. Only get the finest grades (for very light polishing) as the coarser grades will trash your disks.
My personal prefrence is plexus. I have messed around with polishing and it is a pain in the but. Very fine abrasives take forever and less fine ones take out biger scratches but leaves scratches that take forever to remove with a finer abrasive. it’s too bad there isn’t a low speed power polisher that would work with such things (I have tried making hand cranked ones with radial cd cleaners but it is still a pain. Plexus on the other hand is a filler and it works great. While it does not fill larger scratches, I have taken disks that were all scratched up that I thought would never read and after using plexus, while still having some scratches, they would read. It is not a cure all but it takes about 10 seconds and will work beter than you think and solve problems with many disks easily (not all but most).
You can find it at most motercycle shops (it works well on scratched/hazed motercycle windshields).

im kind of confused as to how to get the car polish (is it wax of which you are speaking?) and the plexus to work. Basically you just put it on (obviously) but then what? Rotate my finger in a circular motion? Center outward? Soft cloth used? Etc Etc

toothpaste or plexus and electric toothbrush
Works real well. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

It is not wax (though wax often has fine abrasives in it). It is buffing compound. Buffing compounds are creams or water based pastes that have abrasive particles in it, designed to remove some of the paint. Only use the finest grades as most automotive buffing compounds are far to coarse. Even the fine ones should only be used on biger scratches and then polished with something finer (toothpase, brasso or whatever). I have heard lots of methods. You finger, a cloth, an electric toothbrush, I have even tried it in a radial cd cleaner.
As far as plexus, I usally just spray it on and wipe it off with a lint free cloth (it is designed to fill small scratches). I usally dont try to polish with it (not sure if it would help or not). Just spraying it on and wiping it off can help a lot.
That novus polish looks interesting! Have you tried all three kinds, and how abrasive is it?

I found it while doing some work with plexiglas and started thinking… I guess others had the same idea. Anyhow I have repaired probably a hundred cds with it. ( Not mine, my daughters and friends ) I have used all three if needed but usually two. The polish is just that but it works very good for cleaning, no abrasives. two and one work great for minor scratches and all three for bad scratches. The last two have abrasives. Just use in a swirling motion not round and round.
As for being careful with them,I never touch the surface of mine unless I absolutely have to; but if I have one that is unplayable I figure to hell with it. I use a tshirt or other soft cloth and go to town. I don’t recomend this but I have gone as far as using 2000 grit sand paper and then the novus just to get some important info off of a badly scratched disk. good luck!
You can probably get it at a local plastic supply store or acrylic fabricator.

I bought this bottle of “goop” from GameStop called Disk Skip Fixer. It’s a brown liquid that you place on the CD and then rub the hell out of it. I was skeptical about it but it actually worked. It works on fine to medium scratches and I am quite impressed by it.


The novus stuff as well as plexus list cd’s/dvd’s on their sites as uses for the product.

i used to use toothpase, now i just make a copy at a very slow speed (1x) of my cds if they are scratched, works in almost all cases

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ok now, i managed to buy 2 canisters of plexus from a motorcycle shop, though i dont know how to use it X_X Any help?!

What I usally do. I usally first clean it with a paper towel and some rubbing alcohol (or whatever you have handy) just to get off any excess dirt, finger prints or dust, though I do not know if this step is nessasary as it says it is a cleaner. Then shake the can well (this stuff will seperate a little) and spray a little in a few spots. Using a lint free cloth (it says on the can not to use paper towels), spread it around. If it does not spread a thin milky looking layer over the whole disk (but rather turns to water looking droplettes), use a little more. Then use a clean part of the cloth and buff it gently (it doesn’t take long, just 5-10 seconds). If it still looks wet or has streaks etc, use a clean part of the cloth and buff it again till it looks clean. I am not sure if you are suposed to let it dry at all but I have gotten lazy and pop it right in the player/dvd drive and it works fine right after applying it. I think that I heard somewhere that this stuff can build up a little with repeated aplication so if that doesn’t work, let it dry a little and do it again. Someone else sugested that you might try scrubbing with a soft brush (like a tooth brush) but I wouldn’t try that to start (probably not nesasary). To tell you the truth, I have gotten lazy using it and basically just spray a little on, wipe it around and whipe it off (about 10 seconds total) and don’t really put any effort in to buffing it at all. Also, the cloth I use is a round lint free cloth that came with a cd cleaning kit (about the size of a cd). I didn’t have very many so I kept reusing it. It probably has lots of dried plexus on it and I am not sure if that help, hurts or doesn’t mater. I was kind of thinking that it might redisolve and give it more of the filling material to fill with.

:a Well quite simply, i got screwed. I went and bought two canisters for $17. I then took a crappy cd-r and scratched it lightly, and medium with sandpaper. Applied it three times as a milky film, let it stand for 20 seconds, then rubbed it off with an extremely soft cloth. Absolutely ZERO change. I dont know what to do X_X You say an electric toothbrush, but im not going to go pay $100 for one and i kinda think it would still keep the disc screwed if not worse. About that waxy stuff to fill up the scratches, sounds like it might do something, but i doubt it X_X. Please explain to me exactly how plexus truely fills the scratch… Does it just dissolve off a layer, or what? Do i keep a thick filmy layer on and let it dry so there is actually something dried in those scratches?! IM GOING NUTS OVER THIS

should of got the Novus

It leaves a layer of wax acording to their web site. Exactly how bad are you scratching the disks? medium grit sandpaper sounds like it could do quite a bit of damage. If I rember right, when I first started using the stuff, you can spread a very thin layer and let it dry. It dry’s similar to car wax. then you can just buff it off. Perhaps you could try that to see if it helps (perhaps it will allow more of the wax to deposite in the scratches). Most of the disks that I have used it on are either old disks (cd-roms and dvd’s) that have progressivly gotten scratched through lots of use and rental disks that will not play, and it has worked well for me.
What kind of disks is it that you work with (how exactly are they scratched). Are they severly scratched frome abuse or do they just have normal scratching that you would see on al old, used disk? Perhaps you could try it on an actual disk rather than one that you scratched with sand paper.
I have tried several products and kits that claim to fill scratches and plexus is by far the best that I have found. If the damage is so severe that it doesn’t work, I do not think that you are going to find a filling type polish that will work. You next course of action would be abrasive products that actually remove plastic to get rid of the scratches. Do not throw out the plexus though, it still may be usefull after using abrasive methods. The benifit of very fine abrasives like toothpaste is that the disk is usable afterwords (it is so fine that the abrasive doesn’t leave severe scratches). It doesn’t really work well for deep scratches though (the kind that you would get with medium grit sand paper) as it does not remove enough material. I would give it a try though and see if it works (you probably already have toothpaste). You don’t have to use a power toothbrush but it saves you lots of work and you do not have to spend 100$ on one. There are semi disposable electric toothbrushes for under 10$. If there is a biglots near you they have them (colgate and other brands) for 3.99$. Otherwise try somewhere like walmart (or you can just use a cloth and a lot of elbow grease). If toothpaste doesn’t work, you will have to try a stronger abrasive. The novus stuff looks interesting and it has a coarser and a finer abrasive but I haven’t tried that so I cannot say how coarse the abrasives are or how well they work. The problem with using anything very coarse is that the abrasive will leave scratches and you will have to use finer abrasives to get those scratches out. It is best to use the finest abrasive that will do the job. There is also risk of removing to much material and destroying the disk. I’ll look around and see if I can find anything that I have used in the past. In the mean time, does anybody else know of any good abrasives that are a little more agressive than toothpaste?
I hate to keep recomending products as I don’t want you to spend a lot of money and it doesn’t work for you but here is one that I have used. It might be good for getting out deeper scratches.
The can I got was white with a green label but I am pretty sure this is the same stuff. I think I paid 1.79 for it at orielys auto parts store. Let me warn you though, while this stuff might get scratches out, it is going to leave scratches that you will have to use a finer abrasive on. It’s cheap enough that you might want to give it a try. Do not acidentally get this stuff (unless you try the green and want something coarser).
I tried it too (mine was white with a red label) and it leaves scratches so deep you will spend the whole night trying to get them out.
If I remember right the green stuff breaks down (it’s suposed to) so the abrasive gets finer the more you rub. That helps it get some of it’s own scratches out. If you want to keep buffing it though, apply new compound occationally.
I would just about guarentee that the green stuff leaves much finer scratches than medium grit sandpaper so it would work on your test disk but perhaps something finer would work on your actual disks.

Just try the Novus, It works

These discs some are rental DVD’s, thus having many many scratches and fingerprints on them. Others are from friends who scratch up their dvds and cds and want me to fix them for them and make working copies. I usually get very few (if any) scratches put onto my discs through my doing. I will try your idea of letting the Plexus dry then buff it off.
I have also tried using toothpaste, to which it is also having no effect
:confused: I am unsure of what methods to use, if there are infact any that will work. Bleh, time to do more experienting…

It looks like a good product. I think the plexus might be comparible to the #1 (non abrasive) cleaner in the novus kit. How coarse are the abrasives in the novus kit? Do you think that either would be coarse enough to get out sand paper scratches?