Good Deals on Scanners?



Not really looking for any model or features in particular, just your basic flatbed scanner to replace a broken one. I would like the resolution to be at least 1200X2400 DPI. Pricewise, as cheap you can find a decent scanner.



Here’s a basic scanner for $30: HP Scanjet 4600 Scanner


The reviews on epinions say that this scanner is terrible. I can wait until a good deal comes around.


It works fine for basic, low-volume scanning. You won’t get high-fidelity color reproduction from paper photos with a $30 scanner, and its software is definitely unsuitable for high-volume scanning.

A step up would be this Canon LiDE 35 Color Flatbed Scanner for $50 after rebate. LiDE scanners are low-power (<2.5 Watt), light, compact, powered by the USB bus (one cable!) and with the exception of LiDE 20 can scan a full letter/A4 page in 10 seconds at 150 dpi, and about 25 seconds at 300 dpi. They are the most efficient machines for turning paper documents, statements and bills into bits: put a page in, push a button, repeat. I use a similar scanner, LiDE 50, to dispose of my average daily mail in under a minute.


Unless I find a really good buy, I think I’ll wait a while. I have an all-in-one machine that has a decent scanner built in. So any scanner I buy will have to be definitively superior.


Check out the Canon 8400F. It’s an great scanner at a decent price ($128 at Newegg). It’s not cheap, but it’s not a basic scanner either.


i have an HP scanner…it’s just OK. if i were to get a new one, it would definitely have to be an Epson…

the Perfection 2480 PHOTO has an MSRP of $99 and features

*  Brilliant 8" x 10" enlargements with 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution
* One-touch color restoration with exclusive Epson Easy Photo Fix
* Built-in transparency adapter for scanning 35mm slides and negatives
* Quick, convenient scans with Hi-Speed USB 2.0


Don’t know the details,but check the Office Max online Ad. They have a scanner that is $4.99 after rebate.


hp scanjet 2400
48 bit color 1200x1200
49.99 - 5$ instant rebate - 40$ mail in rebate = 4.99$ (2082-0667)
Probably not the best scanner in the world but defanatlly cheap.