Good Deal On Verbatim 8x -R's


Verbatim 8x -R’s for $30 shipped after $30 MIR here:

That is a great price for really good media-


Mike, What do you think the media code is. MMC or CMC?

Here is the link for both - and +

And Mike, look at these 16X Verbatims for $19 for 50, plus ship. Word is NEC likes them.

I don’t think Verbatim supplies anything other than MCC for its DVD media these days.

Thanks for the help. I think I’ll give them a try.

True. Those manufactured by CMC under licence in Taiwan nevertheless have an MCC media code. Further, whilst IMO they’re not as good as MCC media manufactured in Singapore, they are still good discs and burn without any problems (even the - R in a Litey).

Would you get the + or -, assuming burning in a 3500.


I’m not sure if the 3500 overspeeds either (with stock firmwares at least) so it probably won’t matter.

Yo chas0039-

I got the -R’s for my 3500’s as I have had better results with them than +R’s in general (however I do have some 45 or so Verbatim 8x +R’s and they burn good) - if you read the Amazon ad - they say that the +R’s are out of stock - and with them you might have to wait a long time or not-


That is correct. Even though the Taiwanese discs are MCC, they are actually produced by CMC. So you get CMC quality standards versus MCC quality standards. I’ve heard the Taiwanese media isn’t too bad though, but I won’t touch CMC produced discs with a 10 foot pole.

CMC produced MCC discs are of higher quality standards than CMC-produced CMC discs. I picked up a spindle of HP-branded CMC.MAG E01 discs and they coulddn’t even burn at 8x right. Took them back to Staples, went to Best Buy and got some Taiwan MCC003 discs. They’re all made by CMC (I can tell by the inner hub serial) but since they’re MCC discs, they burn at 8x no problems. See the scan of one here:
I even got one to burn at 12x on my PX-712A with under 50 PIE. So you get more than CMC quality standards with CMC-manufactured MCC discs.

BTW Jesterrace, not all the Taiwan MCC media is made by CMC. In fact prior to 8x media most if not all of it was made by Prodisc. It’s probably 50/50 now.

I’d agree with this particularly since no -R with a CMC media code will burn properly with my 832S at any speed whilst +R with a CMC media code will only produce acceptable burns at 4x.

[However, with the exception of CMC manufactured Verbatim which burn fine, like Jesterace, I won’t touch any CMC produced discs with a 10 foot pole either. :iagree: ]

Well, Mike, I certainly hope these are the MCC media, either way I owe you. I just got my hands on a Verbatim -R and look at this scan. It is the best I have ever done or seen; look at that PIF total! Needless to say, burned on the 3500.

I got the best 12x burn of all 5 PX-712As I’ve owned using MCC003 made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics. It was a better 12x burn than any YUDEN000T02 12x burn I’ve done :eek:

Yo chas0039-

THAT is a sweet burn!!

My cdspeed quality scores were all 96+ for both Verbatim 8x - and + R’s-