Good deal on TY's at rima

They are .65 cents apiece for both formats.



Now if only needed some…


Why do those cost less than their TY 4x DVD+R 100-packs?

Excellent post. I ordered a 50 pack of 8x White inkjet printable for $45. They are $65 at Supermediastore!

Hmm… 1 week ago had their 8xDVD-r’s for $0.53 / disc. They’re still there but its been a while and are probably about to drop price. The -R’s are TY’s as far as I know I’ve used them before and they burn at 12x on my NEC 3500!

Yo Electrox3d-

What is the media code on those digistor 8x’s?


I suggest looking around a bit. 8x DVD-R media with the TYG02 code are a dime a dozen (fakes). I for one would rather pay the little bit extra per disc to ensure that I am getting what I am paying for. :wink: