Good deal on PX-716A and Verbatim MCC004 16x +R's

Hi all, when 16x DVD writers became affordable, I decided it was time to get one. Thanks to CDFreaks club for the literally hours & hours of research and discussion I have been able to do on these drives, particularly thanking those who have posted PIF and other scans, and most-particularly those who have posted the same data burned on the same disk in different burners at the same speed (zevia, others). That really helped make my decision.

Having not settled on a manufacturer, I started a thread in the General Recording Hardware forum to finalize some of my last questions. It started as a C2 error checking-capable drive feature comparison, but it quickly turned into a BenQ DW1620 vs Plextor PX-716A discussion, as these are the main players.

The link is to that thread is:
, and it’s pretty in-depth.

Well, I went with the PX-716A. I almost did around Christmas, too, so I have been shopping for deals ever since then, but recently very intensely.

So here’s the results of my research, which I also posted in the thread above. Please see THAT thread for the full discussion, which centers around some technical details.

Since I ultimately purchased (and found good deals on) the 716A, and some CD’s which work best in that burner (MCC004, Verbatim/Mitsubishi Chemical), the last post is on-topic here, so here it is, and/or you can just check the thread link above for context. There are still some unanswered questions in the above thread, so you’re encouraged to have a look and see what you can participate. There is a specific question about Plextools DAE [which program I obviously don’t yet have access to]) which someone could help look up in particular.

…It [the PX-716A] seems to be the only drive which can check C2 errors AND do 8x DVD+RW (when media becomes available, of course). I have been closely watching the PI/PIF scans and with MCC004’s, the 716A and 1620 appear neck-and-neck with 716A’s FW 1.04, with the 716A actually perhaps taking the lead now. Zevia and some others have posted side-by-side comparisons which are available in the Firmware 1.04 thread. But I admit the most amazing burns I’ve seen have been on the DW6120. Someone on that forum even suggested a “hall of fame” thread for burns. Thanks all who who answered some of these questions. And a big THANK-YOU to ALL of you who have been posting your PIF scans. You really made the difference.

I am an extremely hard shopper, and right now, the best deal I is know of for the <a target="_blank" href=“”>PX-716A</a> is at I researched all their current coupons and there are several ways to do this. They are discounting the normal price of $130 (pretty typical for etailers) by $10 in an <a target="_blank" href=“">"instant rebate”</a> which essentially means they just lower the price by $10 in the shopping card. And then there is of course (some may not know about this) the current $30 mail-in rebate being offered by Plextor which is available at the link I gave for the Plextor, or at Plextor’s website, or at many other etailers. Unfortunately by the time some may read this, that promotion may be over as it ends by the end of day Jan 31 I think. The $30 mail-in rebate goes till March 31, '05, though, and there may be one after that. is currently doing free shipping on this drive (plus tax if purchased in California). So after rebates and before tax, $90, not bad; best I could find. Perhaps more importantly though is that they have a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy with no restocking fee (more and more unusual).

I did some price search engines and even the NewEgg price is higher right now. I noticed that they just lowered it from $130 by $6 to $124 with free shipping–pretty good, but still $4 more and they have a restocking fee. Probably trying to compete w/’s deal. I hate’s customer service (Indian, not very responsive, sometimes not at all) but at least they have the return policy. NewEgg’s service is apparently American and more responsive, but there’s a restocking fee even on DOA refunds (as I recently experienced).

I monitor the bargains watch pages and has been doing some “new customers only” type promotions. There is a <a target="_blank" href=“”>$10 off $150</a> coupon in computers, software, etc. for new customers. But that too expires end of Jan 31 too, and it seems the Plextor won’t count towards the $150 threshold due to the current $10 discount on that item.

The really cool and convenient thing is that I saw there is now a $10 rebate on the MCC004 / MCC 004 DVD’s, also at They are sold as <a target="_blank" href=“”>Verbatim 16x DVD+R model 95033</a> 25-piece spindle. has the Verbatim rebate PDF form posted. This rebate period ends Feb 15, so that’s good. I tried to find it elsewhere, but neither Newegg nor Amazon currently have something like this posted. The Verbatim rebate form says that the DVD+R’s must be purchased “from select e-tailers”, but then doesn’t list them?! I went to Verbatim’s website and not only did I not find the list of participating retailers, I couldn’t even find the rebate itself. Current price is $21.64 - $10 MIR = $11.64/25, around $23.25 for 50, almost as cheap as the low-speed cheap stuff. Although I couldn’t find any current other rebate participators, little matter because this is the best price I could find before rebate anyway, as there is free shipping on this item on orders over $25, and the rebate is good up to 3 packs, so I picked up 3.

The rebate form didn’t mention if the rebates had to be submitted separately, or if they could be submitted together. I searched and apparently the MCC004’s are only being sold in 25-pack spindles from Verbatim, not 50’s or 100’s (not sure if sold under any other brand names?).

MCC004’s from my ogling of the PI/PIF scans have been getting the lowest error rates (PIF’s in particular) on the PX-716A from what I’ve seen. Which is good, and I’d rather have it that way, as their Metal Azo is apparently the longest-lasting dye in their industry; Azo of any type is generally considered better than any non-AZO dye.

Newegg has them for $20 but shipping is $4, probably on each spindle. And no rebate is listed there, as of this posting. The 95033 is also listed on Amazon, but there’s no rebate there as of this post, and it is offered through eMerchant Office Depot so you’d pay shipping and tax anywhere. I’d rather purchase anything (directly) from Amazon than because Amazon has better service and better policies. But with their eMerchants, you’re not really buying from Amazon, you’re buying ‘through’ it from the Merchant with their policies (no Super Saver shipping). Unfortunately (and somewhat surprisingly), does not have the PX-716A in stock (unless you want to order a 10-pack!). They do have the DW1620 (kind of hard to find right now) (currently $75), but it is offered through Amazon’s TigerDirect eMerchant, who I really avoid from experiences I’ve read (who knows, they may be good now), but you’d pay shipping on it anyway.

Thanks for the constructive input helping me to make my decision. Anyone feel free to answer any remaining q’s as it’ll be some time before mine arrives. Thanks, guys.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the heads up.

btw, Bestbuy is selling 716a for $99 after rebate ($129-$30 mir). Ok, it’s another 10 bucks from plus tax, however easy return in the same day. :smiley:

The BB plextor also comes with a coupon from for 15 dvd-r’s for basicaly 5 dollars for shipping. I’m not sure if it’s a good deal, but it seems like overall you’re in the black on it.

And it’s nice to know you’re doing something productive since losing the election mr Kerry.

A list of participating Etailers on the Verbatim promo can be found at Click on “Get Your Rebate” than follow your nose. I wouldn’t spend a dime at Buy.Com…Check them out at ResellerRatings.Com.

Hope this helps.

Dell has the Verbatim 95033 at $19.80 + $5.50 Shipping, $2.10 California Tax less MIR of $10 for a net of $17.40
Meritline for the same net at $17.53 , they have the following as well (assumes California Tax)
25 Packs $27.53 - $10 MIR Net = $17.53 / $0.70 per disk
50 packs $48.32 - $20MIR Net =$28.32 / $0.57 Per Disk
75 Packs $65.27 - $30MIR Net = $35.27 $0.47 per disk
and 75 packs, with $20 and $30 rebates which are a slightly better deal
I’d rather buy from Dell, they have a much better reputation

I saw that same coupon on the box at Best Buy as well as Fry’s

What coupon at bestbuy? Elaborate please.

There is a $25 discount on 50 CDrs or 15 DVDs ordered from I have no idea of who the Disc OEM is. You place the order on line and apply a code that is on a card inside the box. They charge you about $5.00 shipping. Its not a great deal as that is about $0.37 a disc about the same deal as circuit city for CMC MagE01.

If you are looking for coupon it is yellow and black and about the size of a post card.

Thanks geekeldr.

For anyone who may be confused reading this thread, let me clarify that there are two things are being discussed here: 1) the $10 mail-in rebate on <a target="_blank" href=“”>25-packs of Verbatim 16x DVD+R’s (MCC004)</a>, and 2) the “sticker” on the box of all or some of the retail PX-716A’s. Some may be confused about the “coupon on the box” geekeldr spoke of–he was referring to the “sticker” on the box of the PX-716A/SW’s which indicates a card inside good for “free” writeable disks from Disc Maker: either a 15-pack of 16x DVD-R’s, or a 50-pack of 52x CD-R’s, your choice, free for essentially $5 shipping (unknown if any tax is involved for some states). So these are two very different things. The link provided is $11.64/25 Verbatim MCC 004 DVD+R’s after rebate if no tax (you have to go over $25 for free shipping; ie buy 2 or 3 packs for free shipping; rebate is good up to 3 packs). Comes to $0.47 per disk, best-case scenario (free shipping no tax [outside CA]). The “free” mystery brand offer which coming with (some?) PX-716A’s comes out to $0.33 for “free” disks just paying for shipping alone and they are apparently -R’s if that matters to anyone.

I have been looking closely at the FW1.04 scans rolling in and the MCC004’s get slightly better PIF performance than the Taiyo Yuden TY02’s, and AFAI can tell they are the best 16x +R media for the 716A, Verbatim/AZO being normally the most expensive stuff. The rebate is directly from Verbatim so hopefully all will go well. I hope these lots are as good as the others. The time to stock up would definitely be during the rebate period, because the rebate is essentially a delayed 40-46% discount.