Good deal on CDs/DVDs?!

It may have been mentioned before, but I found a good place while looking for cheap media. Its located in Virginia, USA. They sell bulk recording media at awesome prices. The site is here .

I’ve been considering Verbatim dics and they have exceptional prices on them. Check out the DVD+R here

Also, their reseller rating is here

Unless someone objects to this company, I have no problem getting 10 x Verbatim 8x DVD+R 4.7GB 10 pack (100 DVD+Rs) for $16 + shipping or 50 x Verbatim 8x DVD+R 4.7GB 50 pack (2,500 DVD+Rs) for $90 + shipping :bigsmile:

They’re a little on the expensive side for me. I’ve pretty much given up on trying to find “deals” out and about–it’s easier to spend $125 on a 100pc Taiyo Yuden spindle, burn 'em at 8x, and have done with it.

100 DVD-Rs for $16 and thats expensive?!

OCGustav - -
Check your math - - the prices shown on that site are for EACH not for the box.
When you select one box (of 10) the sale prices is $16.00 USD. Ten boxes (= 100 DVDs) then would be $160 plus shipping.
I don’t consider DVDs for over $1 dollar each a bargain, either.


go to this site:

make sure quantity is set to 10. click “add” (this will add it to your cart). now click “buy now”. fill out the page with your information (you are not ordering it yet) then click “continue”. select the cheapest shipping. click “continue”. this is the page where they ask for your credit card number etc. it gives a total at the top. its $16.70 + shipping (which happens to be $7.94). the total is $24.64 for 100 DVDs. Remember: this is a site selling recording media in bulk. bulk is always cheaper. go to a grocery store and buy bulk cheese and see how much it is per pound. now go buy prepackaged cheese or already shredded cheese. the price per pound will be a LOT more.

I’m pretty sure CloudCatcher is correct on this one - notice that 10 x 1.67 = 16.70. As in 10 DVD’s, not 100. Besides, 100 really isn’t ‘bulk’ anymore and you notice that until you hit 100 you don’t get a discount. The increments of 10 only mean for you to input a value that is divisible by 10(e.g. 10, 20), not to be multiplied by the quantity you put in (i.e. 10 is really just 10 DVD’s and 20 is just 20 DVD’s - not 10 increments of 10 which would be 10 x 10 = 100).

In any case, if you ordered some already, let us know when you get them how many you received. It would be a great deal if you really received 100 for 16.74, but that seems too good to be true.

I went on their website and seen those deals. Kinda of weary so I will just call them tomorrow and see what the deal is.

a friend explained it to me and i understand now…i feel stupid. sorry for the confusion.

taperesources is a really good site for video camera media

ive used them once and they were great

Where do you buy that from?
1.25/disc is decent, especially for TY’s.