Good Deal On 111D

Four bucks less than I paid last week.

Now even better with free shipping. Looks like a “move 'em out” tactic to make way for the 112.

As of today, Newegg is out of stock. I assume the 112 will be up in a few days. Think they’ll re-stock or are they fading away? Glad I picked up another over the weekend.

I jumped on one of these but I feel like I made a mistake. Should I have gotten a LiteOn drive instead for the scanning ability?

Pioneer dvd burners aren’t recommended to use for quality scans. You’ll need a Benq or Liteon dvd burner for quality scans. I think I suggested to you in another thread to purchase a Liteon dvd burner for quality scans. :wink:

Yeah, I’ve been looking at NewEgg for a LiteOn but it’s a little confusing.

** They’re supposedly good for quality scans but are they any good for burning??

** Can I get good quality scans with the LiteOn in the Slave position? (my board only has 1 IDE channel)

NewEgg has the beige version of the 111D in stock for $32.99 plus shipping and are probably simply temporarily out of stock for the black version. ZipZoomFly shows the Benq DW1620 for $33.99 with free shipping, and shows HI-VAL that’s a repackaged Benq 1650 from Frye’s if you might prefer Benq.

I went to our Frys and they did not have the Hi-Vals in store. On their website, manufacturer is listed as BTC. Not sure if that means anything or not, but I thought BTC/Empres were the same (and not so good). Dunno!

The Black OEM is back in stock at Newegg. $32 plus shipping.