Good deal? Maxtor 300GB 7200rpm SATA155 16MB for $189

I prefer the SATA Seagate. 160GB with 8MB cache and command cueuing for $70 AR. This drive comes with 5 yr warranty.


Seagate 160GB ST3160827AS-RK

Serial SATA 150

US$102 with SATA + NCQ + 5-year warranty, nice.

I heard of SATA II drives. Are they the drives with NCQ? Sorry if this has been asked already.

Thanks nice find. :bigsmile: I like Maxtor better then Seagate. I have one drive fail on me within two weeks of install and you can guess which one it was.

Well SATA I does support NCQ as well :wink:

I used to feel the same way. However, when I compare Seagate’s current 5 year warrenty to Maxtor’s 1 year, it throws a whole different light on the picture. :rolleyes:

DVD writers should have the same level of warranty. :sad:

Five years is longer then most of us keep a computer before either replacing it or ripping it apart and upgrading it. In effect a five year warranty is almost for the lifetime use of the product. I would be happy with a two or three year warranty.

Two or three years is not an option with Maxtor, just 1 year. I would rather have a 5 year warranty on a large drive (by today’s standards) so that I can migrate it when I upgrade my system on down the road.

Umm…there are TONS of Maxtor drives that come with 3yrs warranty and in some cases 5yrs.
If the consumer dosen’t read the details properly when ordering from Newegg(or some other site), then he/she is to blame, and not the producer.

Thats why its advised to always read documents before signing them. :rolleyes:

Finally, Samsung SpinPoint P120 series SATA 300 HDDs are coming. SATA II (300MB/s) and 120GB platters. I can’t find information on them here: But is already hosting P120 advertisement banner.