Good deal (?) for TDK DVD+R 4x

Just saw in Staples a 10 pack, in jewel cases, of TDK DVD-R 4x discs. Not sure what’s actually in the pack (who made the discs)…price was $12.80. I did not see this deal on line.

If you think it sounds good to you than Go for it but check here first

Staples has run sales on the TDK 10 pack 4x at $4.99 several times in the last couple of months

i looked on their website and didn’t see this deal anywhere.

They can be either Ricoh or CMC, and you never know what you get.

Costco sells the TDK DVD+R or DVD-R 4x 25-pack for $24.99.

I bought the TDK DVD-R and the mediacode was TTG01.

I assume that means they were made by TDK right?

TTG01 is made for TDK by CMC in Taiwan. Most reports on it are good.

Costco’s gonna have TDK 25pk on “Buy 1 get 1 Free” sale (with a coupon) at the end of July/beginning of August. DVD+Rs should be Ricoh in my understanding.

TTG01 is not in the media code list for firmwares for Liteon 811s, IIRC. So these folks may need to find another strategy…