Good deal at

OfficeMax is selling 50-packs of Verbatim 16x +/-Rs for $14.99, 25-packs (16x +/-) for $7.99 and 100-packs of Verbatim CD-Rs (52x, of course) for $14.99 this week. It’s limit one per item per order, but if you don’t mind an order that merges the unholy union of + and -, you can get all five for $60.95, and that means free shipping ($50+). I don’t have an OfficeMax within 100 miles, so this was a great way for me to get around limits that often don’t apply in stores.

Unless I’m off my rocker, $61 for 150 top-speed DVDs and 100 CDs isn’t bad. I haven’t seen too much grousing about the quality of Verbatims on here, anyway.

I’d probably skip the CD-Rs since they aren’t Mitsubishi media with Azo dye but either CMC Magnetics or Prodisc with phthalocyanine dyes. The DVD media deals are great though.

Thanks for the tip. The +R DVDs should be OK. The deal on the CDs is just fair; all the 100s I get are CMC. The 50 packs are decent Riteks though.

I picked up 4 50-packs of the DVD+R 16x’s. They are in fact MCC004. Great deal!

I am el-cheapo. I could not find the DVD+R you mentioned at an acceptable price. I have never paid more than 20 bucks for a cake of 100. :slight_smile:

Also, since I buy the bargain dvds, I have NEVER had a compatibility problem with even the no-namers from pc-club. Interesting though, I bought a pack of the ILO brand from Walmart, and in the pack of 100 there were 2 philips brand dvdrs. Assuming Philips makes the Ilo brand for wally world, they should have worked, but didn’t. Odd since EVERY brand I have used works flawless. Also, I have read many posts regarding Sony’s new encryption on DVD’s such as Resident Evil:Apocalypse. This plagued my brain until I got “1Click DVD Copy”, installed it, and downloaded a decryptor they recommend called DVD43. I am now able to ‘backup’ ANY of my movies even Sony.

Long live the Constitution.

Good luck with your media. There is a difference in quality even if you are unable to see it, much more than just playability.

Here is a scan of this MCC 004 burned on a Liteon 1693 with KC4B at 12X. This is the first burn before the learning has kicked in.

After I finally learned how to scan disks(the burner I used, hp300n, is not compatible with scanning so it took me awhile) my burns started improving. I scanned some older stuff I did a year ago and I am wondering how it still works. PIF’s in the thousands. Even with the same old burner I have from a year ago, I am getting PIF’s of 200 to 300 on better media and I know they will last a lot longer(which is very important with a lot of irreplacable family video on DVD).

I have been reading a lot of what many people have written on this sight and learned a lot recently. I can’t wait to buy a benq 1640 and get even better burns. Thanks cd freaks.

BTW, no limit on in store purchases.

Be careful Guys the Office Max Verbatim doesn’t have the golden seal of “Genuine” so may be this is some thing to be considered when you buying these disc.

Good find, hope I can find a few of these.

The spindles at my Office Max have that gold sticker (genuine 16x blah blah). Does the gold sticker actually indicate anything when it comes to the media?

Mine have the seal as well. See here for the details. Seems like Verbatim just blowing their own horn. Interesting of them to go out on a limb with this though:

" Azo dyes are strongly resistant to sunlight and heat such that estimated lifetimes of Verbatim DVD discs are over 100 years."

I have bought 3 package of 50 disc pack last week with gold sticker they all made in Taiwan, 16X and MID MCC 004 and burn like a charm. BTW I bought two of these 3 pack from Office Max which at that time they had Verbatim with these golden seal.

I doubt the sticker actually has any relevance on the quality of the media, if anything it probably just indicates older stock when 16x was still new to the market. Now that 16x is common, they probably didn’t feel the need to make the ‘genuine 16x’ claim on golden stickers and toot their own horn as chas0039 points out.

The question is are these none sticker ones are Verbatim with MID MCC 004? also.

ALL 16x Verbatim is MCC.

I bought 4 spindles at Office Max and they all had the Gold sticker and they all are MCC-004. I had a 10,00 coupon and I only paid 4.95 for 1 of them.

Alan why are trying to makes us jealous? I just used my coupon I had in mail last week for some thing else. BTW: there is another $10 coupon which says toward your printing job, do you think they will accept that for buying verbatim discs.

As of 1 a.m. PST, the Verbatim 50-pack deal is dead, but the 25-packs are still 7.99. It also looks as though the 16x Memorex are now on the same deal ($7.99 for 25, $14.99 for 50), if that’s your thing. Also, the Verbatim DLs are now $19.99 for 10. I’m tempted to head to Staples tomorrow to pick up some of those house brand 50s.