Good day to scan your systems

In the last 36 hours most of the major anti spyware, anti spam, anti virus programs have undated their defination files. Today might be a good day to download those and scan your systems. Not often that they all update in such a short time span. Alot of new bad stuff going on. Now you have no excuse :slight_smile:

This list are mine. There are many others. Check
Ad Aware
Pest Patrol 2 times
Mcafee 5 updates in 36 hours

Public service annoucement

I love the smell of clean data in the morning! I run scans about once a week.

I never scan :stuck_out_tongue:
I practice Safe Fax.

I scan once a week.

Hahahahaha :bigsmile:

I haven’t scanned in a few weeks. Will probably do a Spybot, AV, online AV…when I can be arsed. :bigsmile:

Usually it’s once a week, but I’ve been lazy (errr…lazier) recently!

Yeah, I usually scan at least once a week…more often if visiting a lot of porn sites…or is it pRon sites… :stuck_out_tongue:

bk, thanks for the info.

Kaspersky updates the definition files every 4 hours anyway.
I run a full scan about twice per month.

Oh fine, if I have to be serious :stuck_out_tongue:

I scan the entire systems approximately every 2 months.

Every file which I download is moved into a shared folder & scanned by two different AV scanners, patterns updated at about 7pmish every night (about the time I get home).

Occasionally I run other online AV scanners for the entire system, if I could be bothered :slight_smile:

vigilance and safe hex are the best protection short of never hooking a machine to the internet

I update daily, and run automatic daily virus and spyware scans.