Good Copy Protection Detector?

I was wondering what is something that works good with Alochol 120% … I tried downloading Alcholer but thier site seems to be down. So i dunno what else to use to find Copy Protection ?? Please help !


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you’ll find Alcoholer at and it’s not for scanning games to get their protections, try their protection scanner called array scanner which is the best you can get nowadays. After this you may read how to Identify a Copy Protection to get a little overview about the other tools to identify copy protections.

Kalas if the alcoholer site is down, that means the aray one will be too…

No Alcoholers site is down because we have not paid domain for next year…

Before was born you were able to get Alcoholer from R!Co’s old homepage, can’t remember the adress. Gruendt probably looked there, so as R!Co posted it’s not longer available :slight_smile:

Tut tut tut lol

Im sure you could find it on any good p2p software.

Although A-Ray Scanner is by far the best out there, some of the protections cannot be successfully scanned yet, some being PhenoProtect and Ring Protech. ClonyXXL should be able to scan both of these, but i’m not sure about PhenoProtect 2.

ClonyXXL fails on RingProtech.
I have a game which is apparently PhenoProtect (Another War) ClonyXXL fails on it too.


Look at attached image. But it’s true, if Another War is PhenoProtect protected I would like to know why no other copy protection detection program is detecting it.

I read that Pheno Protect 2 is just a myth which never existed

I believe there is a profile for it in Alcoholer but I can’t check since my computer got wiped:)

Try A-Ray Scanner at portmac .com

Try to make empty cd with label IRON_CD1 and Scan it with ClonyXXL. It would detect RingProtech, whole detection is based just on label of cd. So its with Robin Hood, Warcraft (securom) and many others

So there is a protection database in Clony XXL R!Co?

Yea something like this…this is why it detects protection when A-ray can’t

very true

Although you can not get the name of the Ring Protech Protection, do a bad sector scan and see if you find any errors near the end of the CD.

Also try looking for a visible ring on the data side of the CD.
It may be very thin.


Yeah, that’s how I imagine how everyone found that it is Ring Protech.