Good combo?: Toshiba 6702B and Acer 1208?

As far as i have read in reviews/specs, the only thing keeping the Acer 1208 from being the best writer at the moment is that its a crappy reader, and dont do 90+min CD’s(on the good side is Seamless Link, Safedisc2 copying and support for the best writing method(RAW+96) in CloneCD), but why not just team it up with a really good CD-Rom drive to use as a reader? Shouldnt that solve all problems?
Im very close to buying a Toshiba XM-6702B (48x, IDE, recommended by Elaborate Bytes on their homepage) along with the Acer CRW1208A (12/8/32, IDE).
With that, i cant think of anything i shouldnt be able to copy fast and flawlessly?? The best thing is its quite cheap, only 10% more pricey than a Plextor 12/10/32.

I would however like to make sure im not missing something here, so feel free to comment.
I would especially like to know more about the Toshiba drive, does it do DAE perfectly and at which speed?
Anyone know where to find a review of it?
Also, what about the Toshiba DVD drives, do they perform just as well for reading(copy proctections) purposes(i already have a DVD drive, but i wouldnt mind being able to ditch it) and DAE? I do need a decent DAE speed, because my GD-2500 DVD sucks at DAE…

Links: Review of Acer 1208
Specs of Toshiba drive:

Hehe, looking at i noticed that my old cd writer Yamaha 4416S while only supporting SAO-RAW for burning, actually reads RAW+96. So i dont need a new reader after all. Ill just make the cd image with my Yamaha writer and then burn it with the Acer 1208!
Btw i read at CDspeed2000 that the Toshiba CDrom drive have very poor DAE quality, no accurate stream there…