Good, cheap inverted ATX case?

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Just a curiosity, what do you mean for "inverted "? :eek:

I never heard about this thing :confused:

Its when the MB is on the other side of the case, putting the card slots at the top and the CPU towards the bottom. There are a few out there but its not easy to search for them.

edit: Here’s one LIAN LI V COOL PC-V1000
another, LIAN LI PC-A05 A Silver Aluminum

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

Here are two in stock:
LIAN LI PC-A05NA Silver Aluminum ATX Mini Tower Computer Case
LIAN LI PC-A05NB Black Aluminum ATX Mini Tower Computer Case

Yeah, it’s mainly because I have a wall blocking the PC’s left side, making it preferable for the case cooling to flow from the right side. So an inverted case is a good solution for me.

I was looking at the Aerocool Zero Degree but unfortunately it’s a front door based case, which I don’t want (I prefer having the optical drives accessible all the time).

I also checked the Cooler Master Sileo 500, which is not inverted but doesn’t use lateral cooling holes (again, great for my purposes), but I was put off when I learned it doesn’t have a screw system to hold the hard drives in place (in my magic crystal ball, I saw images of noisy disks vibrating wildly inside the case, getting ruined in weeks and losing all my data).

I’ll see about those Lian Li, thanks Eric.

Any other suggestions for cases that:

-Don’t rely on a hole in the left side for ventilation (there’s a wall);
-Don’t have a ventilation hole on the top side (I put stuff in there);
-Don’t have a front door blocking the optical drives (they call me Sir Burnalot);
-Don’t have lots of flashy lights and leds, like a xmas tree (I sleep with it in the same room);
-Aren’t too noisy (see above);
-Have a frigging screw support like all others to hold the hard drives in place (heh… DUH ?)
-Are below the 75 buck price tag (I’m poor) ?

Maybe I sound anal, but the truth is PC cases used to be a much simpler aspect of PC building. Some of the stuff out there would look great in the next Aliens Vs Predator bad sequel. I just need a damn plain, simple, well ventilated case, with the right vs left side perk… is it asking too much ? Boo.

Well lights you can unplug, Most front door can be removed if not broken off, fans can be undervolted or replaced.

wooow, look what I just found: COOLER MASTER Centurion 541 RC-541-SKRJ-GP Black Aluminum

The only draw back is the dual 80mm rear fans, if your good with tin snipes you can cut of an opening for a 120mm fan. :cool:

Oh, and its mATX.

Thanks again, that one looks like the kind of thing I need. Definitely on my list of options.