Good cheap divxx dvd player

im in need of a new dvd player so i would like to know wher ei can get a good cheapo divx dvd player or a plain one.

Wecome to CDF,
The Philips 642/37 is my favorite. In the US they are usualy about $60 but have seen them for as low a $30. They will play anything you feed them and have a good 1.5X zoom so you can get rid of some of the black bars on the anamorphic wide screen movies.

good post wooble,
finally somebody specifying a zoom value, my old toshiba needs an
overhaul and it gets rid of about half the black bars at zoom 1(it’s best feature)

I won’t buy one that overzooms

Some of the machines have a first step zoom that is good but it leaves an zoom icon on the screen all the time. Just stupid!
I usually try to stay away from JVC but a local store had their new model #XV-N330B on sale on our Black Friday sale for $40 US. I got one just to find out that is was a piece of crap and return it. I was extremely surprised how good it is. Has a great usable zoom and will play everything you can feed it except DivX. Just hope it keeps working for years to come!