Good Charlotte CD

Has anyone experienced problems with the new Good Charlotte CD? I did a search but I didn’t get anything. I copy it and it works in all of my cd players except for one model. It’s a Sony CD Walkman with G-Protection. I thought the player may just have something wrong with it so I tried it in my other which is the exact same model and same thing. It just stays on track 00 and doesn’t play anything. BTW, its model number D-EJ612CK. On my other portable CD player, also a Sony Walkman with G-Protection but with MP3 and CD-RW playback and works fine. It does do something wierd though. The CD player normally spins up to read the disc before you even play so it can read the CD. On regular CD’s it takes only about 5 seconds. WIth MP3’s it can take quite a bit longer. It takes like 30 seconds to spin up with the Good Charlotte CD. But other than that it works fine. The only thing I can think of is that it has a multimedia session on it, would that be causing the problem? Thanx for any advice.

I think that could be causing problems if it also has mp3 files stored on it. It may be searching for them or something weird. Probably a glitch in the cd player. Unless it plays the original fine…

It plays the original fine in all the CD players.

Are you sing cd’s with Taiyo Yuden die? Try burning at a slower speed like 4x or possibly even 2x. It helped me with a very similar problem. Some audio reading devices (specifically walkman) are picky.

It was a Ritek disc burned at 4x. I don’t have any Taiyo Yuden discs at the moment so I can’t try it. But I have the same Ritek discs that are a few years old that work perfectly in it.

how many sessions are on the disc? how did you copy it?

There are 2 sessions on the disc, an audio session and a data session with multimedia stuff on it. Copied with the latest version of CloneCD with the Multimedia Audio CD profile. It was also burned on an HP CD-Writer 9100. Would copying only the first session fix the problem?