Good CD-RW?

My mom’s trying to get some CD-RW’s and I have told her to get ones made in Japan or Fuji’ss because I heard that CD’s made in Japan are good and all Fuji’s are TY. Is this true at all because I looked at some Fuji’s that were made in Taiwan? Anyway’s, she ended up getting some Imation CD-RW 1-4X in a pack of 10 and some Memorex High Speed (8-12X)CD-RW in a pack of 4. These both are made in Taiwan. Does anyone know if these disc’s are any good? And one more question, can you burn a High Speed disc with a burner that does 4X rewrite? The front of the box said 4-12X but that back said 8X, 10X, and 12X.

I think the Imations are probably made by CMC, the Memorex from InfoDisc. Some people here say they have had problems with both. But I’ve heard of some good experiences with Mitsubishi CD-RW media. I saw some Fuji CD-RWs that were Made in Taiwan too. I’ve heard of Fuji starting to sell Ritek media. Maybe they were Ritek? (they were only 4x)

Both the Imation and Memorex RW are the bottom of the barrel. Have a look at the RW test thread. I think the Sony and Verbatim are the best I’ve tried, at least predictable.

Some Memorex 4x (made by Prodic) and 4-12x (made by Ritek) are good .But I think they are in limited production…

Also Philips 4-12x (CMC,Ritek) are good too (and very suprised by CMC !)

Finally Smartbuy (prodisc) 4-12x and Princo (4-10x) are also good and the most cheap of all ! Butif you stand for great quality all Verbatim’s CDRW discs are excellent but llittle expensive ( I prefer these made in Ireland…)