Good CD-R burner?

Can anyone suggest a writer that seems to work decently with Safedisc 2.8, SecurRom, and TwinPeaks?
I tried using the unit that came with my DELL (Hitachi GCE8160B) and could not make a decent file with TwinPeaks to save my life, but the unit on my laptop created a great image, but don’t think it can work well with TwinPeak, its a Quanta Storage unit.
I am using Win XP and live in the US, so don’t know how accessible the Liteons are. Also don’t want to spend too much to just make a backup of the games I own.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

ASUS for proven SD2 defeat

> …so don’t know how accessible the Liteons are

very; try newegg or pricewatch

Thanks FutureProof
I’ve been doing some searching, and seem to be able to get both Liteons 52x and Asus 52x.
The Asus CRW-5224A 52x24x52 is only $48 which is very reasonable.
I am mostly concerned with Securom New (4.8). I’ve been able to make a copy of SD with my crappy burner, but can’t seem to copy the Securom. I am trying to get a backup of Praetorians, and 1503 The New World (2 discs. Kind of weird one is SD and the other is Securom).
Any suggestions as to how to copy Securom with the Asus.
I have been reading other threads (and it just seemed to confuse more).
Really appreciate the help.

I thought asus could not install although it can correctly burn these protections, or one of them. If so, wouldn’t that give lite-on a bit of an edge?

liteon is the go ,burns everything and the best thing there dirt cheap

Actually both the 52X Asus, and the 52X Liteon are the same price ($48). So the money is not an issue now. Just want to know which one will copy the New Securom and what the steps are. I read another thread by philamber that explained how to copy the New Securom(4.8), but he also indicated that you needed to make 2 copies, one to install from and one to run the game.
Is there a way of making one cd that will install and run. Also, I am using Imation media is that an issue, and should I buy different brand of media. Any suggestions?
Thank you

Making 2 copies I think is only sometims necessary. I think both Asus and Lite-on deal with latest Safedisc well from what I read around. I also think from reading Lite-on is a bit superior to Audio protections, forget which thread and who said it. My only concern would be about the Asus, which I think has a similar problem to Plextor, which is that it won’t allow a backed up game to install from itself (Installation fails). But will run the game if installed off of a different drive. I don’t know how accurate this is but I think a more experienced mod here can donfirm or deny this.