Good CD Media for the 1620?

Hi Guys,

It seems I don’t burn many CDs any more, but today I had the need to and when I went to burn it I noticed I was running low on them (5 left). There’s lots of info on what DVDs the 1620 likes, but what’s a good CD media for it?



In the review of the benq 1620 you find some cdr media they tested.
Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, Verbatim Data Life Plus, MMore (Moser Baer India), Samsung (Prodisk China) were stested very good.

If you can get them Taiyo Yuden’s are great they work in everything I have tried, even the most picky CD players were other quality media have failed & Plextor branded CD-R’s I think are TY’s also.