Good CD Image Format?

Anybody have any idea which format is the best?
CloneCD, Alcohol, BlindRead etc?
Or are they all the same?
I heard that a image format could let you store additional data on it…
Any idea?
Thanks! :smiley:

MDS (produced by Alcohol) is the most advanced format.

Thanks VeNoM386 for the info, just a few more questions. :wink:
Since Alcohol creates two files for the image, does the main image contains the subchannel also? What’s the small file used for? May I delete it and keep the image working?
Thanks again VeNoM386.

I would really recommend you keep both files, they are there for a reason.

Although you might be able to mount an image without the small file (not sure, lack the technical knowledge on that part), you will lose information necessary for a working backup.