Good CD burning software?

Hello everyone,

I recently got a Pioneer DVR-107D installed in my 750MHz pc. The guy who installed it also installed “CloneCD v4.0”. Is this the CD burning program I should be using? (naturally I would like to use the program which allows an idiot like me to override the maximum number of copy-protection systems).

And while I’m asking stupid questions… the burner also came with “Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD”. Would this be any good for burning DVDs? (once again I’d like software allowing the bypassing of copy-protection).

Sorry about asking such stupid questions. Thanks in advance for any advice.

For bypassing CD copyprotections i would use Clone CD or Alcohol.

For burning files etc. (individual cds) use Nero 6. You can use it for burning private Audio/Files/Movie CDs and DVDs.

For Copying Movies i would recommend AnyDVD in combination with CloneDVD or DVD Decrypter (freeware).

These are only my personal recommandations :wink:

thank-you for your wise advice :slight_smile:

while we are on the subject, if you are ripping audio cd’s, agood freeware app is EAC, and while dvddycryper rocks, another good freebie is dvdshrink…:slight_smile:

thank-you for helping me out :slight_smile:

i’m new to dvd burning aswell and i’ve used dvd decryptor and nero 6 with no dramas. give those a crack first. plus dvd shrink for massive ones. have a good one.

I’m all for simplicity. Rip (to your HD) using DVD Decryptor or DVD Shrink. Burn the rip using ImgToolBurn. The new beta supports Dual layer. Why pay when these fantastic progs are freeware?

no disrespect to Imgtoolburn…but still a nero die hard…agree that dvdshrink and dvddecrypter are great tools though…:slight_smile:

Rip to hdd…and save to burn later…or rip, then burn with nero…thats my basic strategy…:slight_smile:

Yup, I will also vouch for Alcohol 120%. Great program with lots of options. DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter for movies. DVD Decrypter for DVD Based XBOX, PS2, ect. games. :wink:

EAC IMO is the best.
BTW, if you have a samsung cdrw drive or combo drive (I believe its for all samsungs) the offset for it should be 0. Samsung likes making their drives with a 0 offset.

Also, while I will probably start a new thread for this question I have, I will post it here too.

To everybody: what is your favorite burning DVD software? Anybody have a freeware/shareware that they will recomend?
I am sick of Nero 6 and its clunky interface and abismal coding.


Just tried EAC - after the new Nero 6.6.01 wouldn’t copy a Bob Seger CD-

The EAC made an exact copy - including the copy protection!!!

EAC rocks-