Good capturing software?

I bought a capture card a couple of days ago but obviously the software that came with it is trash. I tried using Ulead Video Studio but the audio gets messed up as it was recorded from a microfone. I tried using Windows Movie Maker, that worked fine but it can’t capture the video larger than 340x320 or something like that. The card can go up to 640x420 I think but when I try that in WMM, WMM crashes. Is there any good capturing software out there?

Or is 340x320 a good resolution for a normal sized NTSC TV? (Not HD, not flat screen)

I found [B]Adobe Encore [/B] or [B]VirtualDub [/B] works very well and you can use some of it’s filters if you need to clean the capture up a bit. :smiley:

VirtualDub seems to be working mate but 300 MB for 6 seconds?!?!?!?!? How would you reduce the file size and how would you clean up the video? (not familiar with VD, only used it once a long time ago)

That file size is because you haven’t set the video compression so it’s just capping to a uncompressed avi file which will be huge. Check here

OK size is taken care of… 8 MB for 26 seconds not that bad I guess. How do you get rid of those small scanlines that sometimes appear around a character or an object?

Those combing lines you see happen on movement mean the video footage is interlaced, you can deinterlace if you like but if your going to be encoding to dvd then you don’t need to deinterlace just encode the avi to mpeg2 but set the mpeg2 encoder to interlaced rather than progressive. A CRT TV’s native display is interlaced, LCD’s, Plasma’s and CRT Monitors native display is progressive thats why you can see the interlacing lines.

Makes sense… I am viewing the video on CRT flat screen monitor.

So what you’re saying is I won’t see the lines on a TV even if I don’t deinterlace it with VirtualDub? And when converting the video file to DVD I should set the encoding setting to “interlaced” rather than “progressive”?

If so how would you set it to “interlaced” in Convert X to DVD? I don’t see a “progressive” or “interlaced” option in that program.

Yep (on a crt tv) as long as the video footage is encoded as interlaced. If i recall if you encode interlaced footage as progressive but don’t deinterlace you will see them combing lines regardless of what you view it on

Sorry can’t help here never used that programme before. The programme may auto deinterlace it may not.

Well thanks for the help everyone. I might as well ask the question about Convert x to DVD on the appropriate subforum.