Good bye for awhile



well look’s like i did it again :iagree: nuked one more pc.
so this is just to say bye for awhile i will try to get to are internet cafe to say hi now and then but it is going to be long time befor i get aother pc as i got to go to tafe {like shcool but for older ppl } i am going to miss you all had some good time’s with this form :iagree: alot of time spend he talking {well postting but same thing} and found more help then ever here then i did anyware else.

so thank you cd freaks and everyone here for the fun and help.

i will try to keep this acc going by loging on but if not nice knowing all of you guys.


As far as I know the account wont ever be deleted.

Cya mate.

Ben :slight_smile:




You crash test dummy :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya round :wink:


we are gonna miss ya …both…


opps :slight_smile:

dont worry we wont talk about you behind your back, well not to much anyway :wink:


Is he gone … can we start the rumors?

No just kidding, we’re here when you’ll be back. :iagree:


Good luck…hear from you soon.