Good Buy?

Can anyone tell me if this burner would be a good buy? Iā€™m mostly into making backups of games and want to be able to burn lots of dvds and I make data discs alot also.

If not could your recommend a good OEM drive in the same price range?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, that is a good choice for a single drive. I own one and have found that it is the first Liteon drive to deliver burns as good as LG, NEC, BenQ and other top drives. It is an especially good choice because of all the support for Liteon firmware and utilities here. Be aware that Newegg generally has their sales on the week-end and this drive often is cheaper when you get the retail version.

I concur with 1969. How is it working out BTW?



Have this drive in another 'puter and it works GOOD - very fast ripper when properly set up with Omnipatcher and a decent burner too-

The bonus is the ability to do quality tests with this burner using Kprobe-