Good brands of video cards?

The best (as in works best out of the box, not enthusiast) ati brands. Read further for my story/question, but the poll is for, best ati card brand that works in every regard without updates, fixes, mods, out of the box good.

I think I might have already posted this once but cannot find it (somewhere in the back of my mind I recall something about it).

This is not a what card to buy thread. After cyber monday and after I got 2-3 spare cards, but had issues, I was wondering about what brand was good, and if others had had issues with some.

Long story short, I have had many ati built cards (I’m a cheap bastard, I didn’t buy ati built because it was good, it just happened to be what was on clearance for a frigging damn good deal).

I bought an his card (2600xt when they first came out and were expensive). It seemed to be fine till I started watcing tv online (hulu), and all online video was black and white on the tv (secondary dispaly in theatre mode).
So I got a sapphire 2600 pro recently (step down but I bought it for the deal), and it plays fine, but when rebooting, the second display rolls till windows opens (I am guessing it sending an incompatible resolution till windows opens and does settings)? After windows welcome screen apears, all is good. I also got a saphire 2600xt (haven’t tried it yet but I prebuy parts when they are cheap and it was 40$, not tax, free shipping), and honestl;y, I have newegg buyers remorse a little.

'I almost forgot the x1600 pro. I got it out of a bin, used but complete for 5$ (thats right 5$!!!) at circuit city. I’m still sd and those damn ati to composite adapters are expensive and I need one. about 16$ shipped from ati, standard adapters dont work, so 5$ for a 16$ adapter!!! The vid card works great (didn’t use it for a few months but its fine), and other adapters to boot… the x1600 works better than either 2600xt, and its ati built.
The point is, every single ati build card just works. The his and saphire dont (not saying defective, could be software , could be fixable). What is a good brand? Is ati build that much better? Do all these cheapos have problems of some sort? What good aftermarket brands of ati cards do you like?

Fyi this Is not a fastest card thread (I have done my share of oc on cpu or vid including a 9550 128 bit that will DOUBLE power because its a 9600 core), but a what card works out of the box for an idiot.
Of course recommendations on my problems are welcome, but maybe pm me so we can keep this a brand thread.
Best ati brand (mid to budget cards, there are ample threads out there for high end gaming cards).

I have had good, no real good luck with Saphire and xfx cards for my last 4 or 5 builds.

[QUOTE=~KIPPER~;2215029]I have had good, no real good luck with Saphire and xfx cards for my last 4 or 5 builds.[/QUOTE]

I always see saphire cards recommended as good budget cards (so often, that even after buying one that had a problem at boot,
I bought another, newegg deal… but the one (2600 pro), shows scrambled signal to the second display on boot.
If you have use them, have you ever use them with a SD tv on boot (I’m kind of wondering, if they are built for lcd now, tubes be damned, so low res startup not suported?).

In general…

Sapphire (also makes ATi’s own cards), TuL (Powercolor), Asus
I would have no issues going for MSI,Gigabyte or Leadtek as long as they stick to no custom designs unless there’s a very good reason for it.
Wouldn’t go for the rest :wink:

I have owned a bunch of Saphire cards and had pretty good results. Two just up and quit, (9800XT and 850 XT) but their warranty (RMA) was top notch. My older XFX 8800 GTX has been great from the start no issues at all and still going strong. Bought an EVGA card a month ago and it is has been great so far as well.

Most of my videos cards have been ATI alone (6), I have had no issues with any of them and they still function today. My last two video cards have been H.I.S. Digital IceQ Turbo editions and out of the box has been the faster,cooler and quieter then any of the cards that I have owned or have seen working in a PC.

ATI Add-In-Board Partners (AIB)

AIB partners produce graphics cards that have Graphics by ATI inside. Partner boards come with added features that are unique to each partner and serve the unique needs of gamers worldwide. These boards are equipped with ATI technology, but are enhanced with additional board features aimed to satisfy your every gaming desire.

These are the first tier ATI partners

Hightech Information Systems Inc.( H.I.S)
MSI Computer Corp.
Sapphire Technology
Tul Corporation(Powercolor)

We can sit hear and debate who is better then who but that’s not the point. I think that if you where to stick within the boundaries of the partner list and read reviews on specific card choices that you have selected you should be okay. We can all buy lemons now and then no matter who it is.