Good brand, good buy?

I have read here that Taiyo Yuden is a good manufacturer of CDRs. Is that always true, or do they produce various qualities like Ritek seems to? I found what seems to be a good buy, but I will ask the experts here. I bought two spindles of 100 of 32X TDK 80min that had the “made in Japan” on it in small print. From what I read, that is a good indicator that they are TYs. When I got them home, they are indeed TYs, with the following ATIP:

; Disc ATIP code information
ATIP Start Time of Lead-in : 97m24s01f
ATIP Last possiable start time of Lead-out : 79m59s73f (LBA : 359998)
Disc Manafacturer : Taiyo Yuden Company Limited
Disc Dye : Cyannine type media
Disc type : 03H
Indicative Target Write Power : 04H
Refrence Speed : 00H
Unrestricated Use Disc(URU) : 00H
A1 / A2 / A3 : 00H / 00H / 00H
A1 Value : 000000H
A2 Value : 000000H
A3 Value : 000000H

I bought them for $35 per spindle with a $20 rebate on each. In other words $15 per spindle of 100. For those of you interested in the USA, I puchased them with this deal at Costco.

So, good disk, good buy?

Damn could you ship some of these spindles to me :wink: I also want some of those high quality discs for this great price.

Chepaest discs here in Norway is $25 per 100 spindel of really crap quality Noname discs.

For $30 I could get prodisc and princo manufacture noname discs.

For Kodak or Verbatim spindles I have to pay $65 for 100…

TY? Hard to be found, and definitively not in spindles…sometimes when you buy TDK or sony 10packs with cover you get lucky and get TY…

Mitsui? Unavailible except for some sony’s in some rare cases.


You lucky bastard !!! :bigsmile: 'cos this IS a real bargain !
An excellent buy in other words.

This is as much as more than 3 times cheaper than I paid for mine, i.e. HP ( TY ) spindle of 50. And I still thought it was a good buy. Little did I know…:frowning:

And here’s something to ponder :

***** CDR MEDIA ***** US$ Price/ piece
80Min 700MB 48x A Grade SilverSilver 100,000Pcs $0.175
80Min 700MB 48x A Grade SilverDiamond 100,000Pcs $ 0.1850
80Min 700MB 40x A Grade SilverDiamond 100,000Pcs $0.1450
80Min 700MB 32x A GRADE SilverBlue 700,000Pcs $ 0.13
80Min 700MB 40x A GRADE SilverGreen 700,000Pcs $ 0.14
90Min 800MB 32x A Grade SilverGreen 50,000Pcs $ 0.25
99Min 900MB 32x A Grade SilverGreen 50,000Pcs $ 0.33
5Min 45MB 12x A Grade SilverGreen 80,000Pcs $ 0.1775
23Min 200MB 16x A Grade SilverGreen 100,000Pcs $ 0.1975
22Min 190MB 16x A Grade Retail Pack 18,000Pcs $ 0.23

Shall we split it ? :bigsmile:

100000 pieces of CD-R discs. split in two. that is still 50000 discs for each of us.

That is a bit more than I use for a year (I would probably need 2 years for using all the discs :p)

No seriously it’s annoying that so many things seems to be so cheap in the US.

In Norway it’s even hard to get good 32X discs and 40X discs is nowhere to be found.

I was just kidding , man :bigsmile:
Actually by saying “we” I meant the whole CD Freaks forum.

As for that info above, it’s coming to me from one company in Taiwan, so that was just fresh news. Food for thoughts.

You’re right , it’s tough to get good ( and cheap ) stuff in Scandinavia. It’s sad there’s nothing we can do about it. But then again, we do have some other priviledges.
Anyway, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy, let’s say, 32x 80’ TY for 2 NOK a piece.
Let’s just hope for the better :wink:

huh, you guys think thats bad. in australia it costs like $50 for 50 medium quality cdrs. also, the highest speed cdrs are 32speed and made only by crappy imation.

and one last thing, this may be hard for you to listen to, it may frighten some people, I have never seen or used yaiyo yuden in my life, yes thats right, they dont even exist where i live

:eek: :eek: :eek: :

Thanks for the heads up!

Just went and picked up 600 of these bad boys :slight_smile: