Good BenQ, Bad BenQ



Ok, so I fish out a DVD (movie) I created a few months ago. My new LG 4163 won’t play it, nor will my NEC 3540. Pop it in the BenQ 1620 and it plays, no problem.

Yay for the king! :bow:

But then I get to thinking… what drive did I create this DVD with? That’s right… my old 1640, not long before it died.

The King is Dead! :sad:

When it’s bad, it’s very bad - but when it’s good, it’s very very good. I have such mixed feelings about the 1620. I love it but I hate it. It’s messing with my head :doh:



Old 1640 0r 1620? :confused:


How ‘old’ could his 1640 have been? Lol. I’m sure he was referring to a bad 1620 he had unless he was using some prototype 1640 or something. :slight_smile:


I have found that as well the LG doesnt work as well for dvd movie playback as my BenQ 1620 on some discs.


You probably mean your old 1620?


Make up your mind. :slight_smile:


I recieved my 1640 today and to tell you the truth, I am very disappointed. I cannot get it write over 12x and that is only for a second or so. I used 16x Verb both + and dash and both time were embarrassing next to the Nec. Yes I flashed to BSJB and it made no difference. I am thinking about shelving it until a newer firmware release. I had to take out my Nec 3520 to make room for it and now I have it with my Nec 3540 1W5. I have hookup as the master on the secondary channel,Ultra DMA 2.


It was an ‘old’ 1620 that wrote the disk…

I do love this burner, I really do :flower: :flower: :flower: . But I hate it,too. I sooOOOO hate it :a :a :a .

It’s fast, it has an LED that stays on (incredibly useful), it’s quiet, it produces great burns.

I hope it’s Third Time Lucky for me.



Legs2sag > Just curious here…does the disc mentioned in your 1st post play in any of your standalones?


I’ve not been able to write reliably at 16x either with my 1640 - don’t feel bad.


I just got a 1640 today, it will only burn ty02 -R’s at there rated speed of 8x, my old nec 3500 burned tham at 12-16x depending on firmware.
Is it normal for the device buffer to jump around alot? it goes from 71-90% real fast.
I did upgrade the firmware to bhjb, seemed to help as my first burn using sony -r’s was 7 mins, used to be the fastest media for a nec @ full burns @5:45mins
I used a memorex cmc mag and it burned it impressively under that time.


You can’t over speed burn yet with stock firmware.

Yes it normal for your device buffer to jump around.

You may want to do some read in the forum cause there is other ways to make it burn faster. :slight_smile:


Thanks PC-GUY for the fast response, i just burned a TYG02 Fuji in 6:20 so the latest firmware did help
I have alot of media to test as every drive like’s different media and reponds differently


That was not 4.3. gig was it.


I feel the same way! i can burn my ricohjpnr01 @ 8x, 12x fine;
I can’t burn my TTG01 @ 4x at all :frowning:


I love my BenQ 1620Pro. I bought it a few weeks ago after reading about the different drives on this forum. Even with a few negative reviews on dying drives I felt this was the safest choice. I have had bad experiences with Lite-on drives.

I’ll probably go ahead and pick up a 1640 in the upcoming months as well.


There’s an old 1640, it’s made by Philips. You guys should be aware of the DVDR1640 already…



And ebuyer UK has the Philips 1540 OEM going p*ss cheap. £24 + delivery +VAT.



That doesn’t sound especially cheap if you have to pay for additional VAT and shipping. 24 Singapore or Hong Kong dollars would be sweet.