Good benchmark program for raid 0?

I have been playing with the raid capabilities of my abit ax8 (it has 4 sata plus 1 pata that can all be included in the same raid, and 2 more pata that cannot be raided if I am not mistaken). So I have used sandra in the past and it gives a good ballpark figure, but I have seen a lot of variation. I have been getting results ranging from 112MBps to 140MBps on the same array that I am playing with right now.

Does anyone know of a program that gives more consistent results? By the way, I know there are so many variables with raid, that you are always going to get variation. but wasn’t sure if there was anything a little more consistent in its testing methodology compared to sandra?

ATTO disc benchmark is an excellent measure of actual file transfer speeds.
HDTach is widely accepted as a good measure of speeds across the entire platter. HERE’S a good resource.

IOMeter, FC-Test by Xbitlabs

Thanks for the help. I’ll give those a try.