Good AVI dvd player

I like to copy .AVI’s over to dvd’s, and it’s easy for my mom too when she creates movies with our DV Camera. It has options of which format to save as, and i noticed i can upgrade the camera to use DIVX, and a few others.

So, if i teach her how to burn a movie to a dvd, using the .avi format, divx compression, or “windows standard” compression, which players should be able to play them?

Do you mean software players that will play them on a computer or a standalone player that will play on a tv? If you mean standalone players to play on a tv, you want a dvd player that claims to be multi-format. They often list formats that they are compatible with but its not uncommon for them to play other formats that are not listed. I would look around your local stores and see what models are avalable that claim to be multi format, then look them up here.
they are getting to be pretty common and cheap. I recently got a jsi player for about 30$ on clearance. It a cheapo player but so far it plays about anything I have thrown at at (xvid, divx, mpeg2/4, nero digital etc). Where are you located by the way?

you can also convert them to a few formats including mpeg2 & dvd by using [I]winavi[/I], it’s east to use & it’s quite quick, i’m sure your mum will be able to use it, then burn with your favorite burning app, that way powerdvd etc. will play them