Good Audio CD to MP3 software?

Currently, I use Real Player to rip CDs to .mp3. Its pretty freaking fast, but I get an occasional error, and usually 1 track per cd won’t be recorded. I then use a free ripper, “free CD Ripper” that I got on to rip the missing track. So, this will take a long time unless I get a newer fast ripper (I’m backing up several audiobooks that contain over 100 Audio CDs).

Any suggestions for a fast Audio CD to .mp3 ripper? It doesn’t matter if its pay or free.

Thanks to all who reply!

The best at all is Exact Audio Copy, and it’s free

Be sure to check out some guides/tutorials on configuring it for your drive. There are a number of options that must be set in order to get optimal results, and they differ for each optical drive.

Does this always extract first, and then convert to .mp3 with LAME? Its about twice as fast as the Free CD Recorder, but about 1/3 as fast as Real Player which converts to .mp3 on the fly.

Any other program suggestions?

CDex (sorry, don’t have link right now, but you can find with google)

also free

There are no other programs in even the same vague leage as EAC. It’s 1/3 of the speed of Real Player, but Real Player is a festering pile of dog dookie… and does burst ripping (inferior rip method).

NO other program will produce bit-perfect rips. It’s just not even a contest.

CDex here too, although a lot of folk prefer EAC. Both free, so I guess you could take your pick!


Edited to agree with Gurm wholeheartedly about RealPlayer!

Thanks Geno888, CDex works really well and has the speed I need… As I don’t really need a bit-perfect rip, just a near-CD quality rip from my new, unused CDs.

This works well without the missing track errors I get from Real.

Thanks for all responses!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: