Good and trustfull dealer for VCDs or DivX?!



Hi !

I’m searching for a good and trustfull dealer of VCDs or better DivX :wink: Movies !

Anyone knows one ?! Please post it or mail me !

Thanx NeT


Try me :slight_smile: Dutch only…


Thanx, but I need one for germany !

cya NeT


I deliver in Germany!

and click on ‘enter south park cdz’


Vcd-Home is fast as hell, and cheap. They deliver worldwide. They now have 795 titles, that a-okay in my eye.



I have had very good experience with
SPEEDYCREW they have vcd’s and DivX.
Visit them at:


VCD HOME roxx, these guys have (i believe) around 850 VCDS and DivX to choose from, and deliver world wide, and fast! is the url for this great VCD Crew!




Ok thanx guys that helped much !
But two questions I have :

  1. I’m searching for a DVD-RIP of Matrix (very good if german spoken !!!
  2. Is Gladiator out ?

thanx NeT


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by NeTsurFer:
2. Is Gladiator out ?

thanx NeT[/b]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

YEss that one is out


Trond: is that you Trond? Used to be King of the Bad Release Section in the forums??

And Netsurfer: check for vcd and divx release availability. You cannot purchase or download from there, but it is a VERY thorough listing of whats been released and what should be available from your vendors.


Jo thanx again guys !

Anyone knows a dealer who has Gladiator ?

cyas NeT


NeTsurFer> Yep we got em…



try my friend in germany…fast and cheap…

write him …: