Good all-round drive for DVD movie burning and CD/DVD reading?

Right, my good old BenQ DW1620 finally died on me. Good times.

What I need now is a simple, cheap drive that I can use both for reliable, quality DVD movie burning and for reading CDs and cheap media with no hassles (e.g. I own a Pioneer 112D which is fine for burning but plain sucks at reading CDs and crappier DVD brands).

I did took a look at the “best of 2008” topic, but it seems that choices might not be as obvious as they were a few years ago.

I was looking at the Samsung SH-S223F but reactions seem very mixed. Would this drive suit my above needs ?

Any drive recommendations much appreciated :slight_smile:

Bumping this because I still haven’t made the purchase (still burning with the 112D and reading with an old Creative CDRW drive I digged out of my old dusty boxes in a corner, and which I used 10 years ago :smiley: ), but will soon need to.

@ Kweldood,

Exactly what is ‘Wrong” with using your Pioneer DVR-112D Optical Drive?

When using quality error free Media the Pioneer DVR-112D Optical Drive is an excellent performer.

My suggestion is stop using your known problematic “cheap media” and only use proven quality error free Media and then you would have a problem. There is no Optical Drive that is going to consistently produce quality error free results with problematic ‘cheap media’.


Bumping this again after one year because I’m still using the aforementioned combo.

I’m going to get a new PC and I’d like to get a new DVD burner for my above purposes to pair with the old 112D, but it seems there’s only crap in the market right now ? :confused:

With a new pc, I’d get a SATA interface drive. Right now the best choice is the Optiarc 7240s.