Good Advice - but I'm still in the woods

Well I just exchanged a DVD-Rom for a proper DVD Writer, and the store was excellent about it. The SIN number on both drives where the same so the clerk just originally grabbed the wrong one. I have now installed the new one as well as the software that goes with it.
But when I go to burn a CD it asked me where to save the image to and then continues to burn but actually does nothing except ‘create a image icon’ on my desktop.
I have used nero express before and nero 6 goes through all the same motions except for this asking to save image window and of course it actually burns the CD, which is not happening right now.
I check the DVD Writers profile in nero and yes it burn everything.
So what am I screwing up here. I know it Newbie human error this time. What is this Image window when I’m trying to burn a wave audio file??
Oh great Yodas of the CDFreaks world help me!


Go to Recorders and select your burner first.

Then you can burn onto CD & DVD.

You are a true Yoda my friend, it was so easy and I feel so damn dumb. We are not worthy!!!


Everyone needs a start to continue…