Good 478 Cooler?

I am looking for a good cooler for a P4 3.0GHz CPU. The stock fan is too loud. It needs to be quiet and keep the CPU cool. If anyone knows of a good HS/Fan, please let me know.


I think a Zalman 7000 would fit your needs, if only you can fit it onto your motherboard (pun intended ;))
Cause it’s huuuuuge!


The Thermalright coolers are very well respected, and will take any fan you like.

Swiftech MCX4000

i use the Xeon version, and the heatsinks produces some very good results

I haven’t used one myself but the copper version of this (2nd on page) is supposed to be good (no central loss of cooling):

The Zalman and Swiftech are both supposed to be very good, I think the swiftech is kinda loud compared to the zalman though.


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Couldn’t say it better… this one has a huge thermal capacity, and performs good, even with a quiet 80mm fan!

Thank you for all your replies. I will definitely look into these and decide which one to get.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

  1. @MLS how load the Swiftech is entirely depends on what fan you use with the heatsink. you get the Swiftech without a fan so you have to buy a good quality fan yourself.

  2. good airflow in your case is far more importand as big heavy CU heatsinks. first make sure that your airflow is optimal then if you still get high temps get a good heatsink.