Good 2x DVD-r's needed

Hey Guys,
Because my ageing DVD writer only supports 1/2x speed writing (yes yes keep laughing!) I need some high quality 2x speed media for my granny writer idealy from the net?


Media is backwards compatible but just check on the pack but most discs are 1x-Xx, 4x or 8x discs should be fine to burn at 2x

Media is backwards compatible but there are some old DVD writers which can not burn to 1-4x or 1-8x discs.
Visit for DVD+R
and for DVD-R please contact maker of your drive. Mostly a simple firmware update will help

Problem is that the firmware for the aging drive does not have the mediacode for the newer medias and no update is available. With an updated firmware with good writing strategies, then all the newer media will work. But as manufacturers drop support for aging drives, this situation isn’t entirely likely. has TDK -R 2x 40 pc for $28.99 and free shipping.

Have you actually tried 4x discs?

Agree entirely, have a Pioneer 106 which hasn’t had any firmware updates in a long time to support any of the newer media & writing quality on newer discs is generally abysmal so while your hardware will burn any discs, doesn’t mean it will burn them well & most likely it will burn them badly (relative to properly supported media).

        Which is why i've had to update to a Benq 1620 writer even though the Pioneer is still working 100% , just to get a drive which is currently supported by it's manufacturer.

          For 1/2x discs, try the Ritek G03 discs if you can find somewhere selling them, work nicely in a Pioneer 106 & even a newer NEC2510.