Good 12x write strat for YUDEN000 T02 on 1640/1655



– PIE – – PIF –

–bcdb.spdptchd[ty02=ty03]-- [1655]


as u can see from the above, the 12x write strategy that im currently using [YUDEN000 T03] isnt very good.
the first burn was a total coaster, and the 2nd burn with almost 400k pie’s is also very bad. i have already
tried with wopc, sb and wopc+sb turned on, and also everything turned off but still not much of a difference in quality.
so i would appreciate it if som1 can tell me how to improve the write quality of these t02 discs.

theyre quite inconsistent from dvd to next dvd, well atleast even more so than verbatim branded mcc;
the pif keeps hovering around between ~150+, ~250+ to about ~350+. considering that im paying
about $56 for a spindle of hundred [0.56 for a single dvd] theyre also much more expensive than the mcc,
which i can get for about $36 for 100 [0.36/dvd,] and i can pick them up from a local sam’s club so theres
no shipping either. and these mcc004 are 16x, so can be burned @12x/16x without any problem.

even tho i swapped out the t02 write strat with the t03 write strat 12x burns, unfortunately, is still pretty
horrible. and 1 more very interesting thing is that in cd-dvd speed [both 4.11 & 4.50] shows write speeds
from 4x-16x but write strategy only from 4x-8x, and in v4.50 only 4x write strat shows up!!!

well thats nuf ranting, lets just hope i didnt get caught up in ty is the best media hype and buy 200
of these! below i have posted recorded scanning info from most of the dvd’s ive burned so far, please
let me know if i can improve this any further, i would like get pif below 100 if it is at all possible, like i had
with mcc004’s. thank u for ur help.



–bslb.rpc1.spdptchd[ty02=ty03]-- [1640]


















Those are all excellent numbers for scans of PIE and PIFs. Anything below 25,000 on the PIE and below 500 on the PIFs are very good in my estimation.


alan1476, thanx for the reply, however as ive stated its all done @ 8x, if u look @ the very top of my post, ull see that @ 12x
the results are unacceptable. which btw is my goal here, to burn these discs @ 12x with acceptable quality [hopefully very similar
to 8x scans.] which is also what i need help with, as ive stated swapping t02 write strat with t03 didnt help with 12x burn quality!

well i was getting better pif’s with the mcc004, the total stayed below 70, for the excellent burns, <100 for most,
and even the worst were still below 200. only towards the end of the spindle did the pif rise to about ~400 on avarage per dvd.


To tell you the truth I am getting better burns with MCC004 than the Yuden-T02-000 at 12X. I will post a 12X burn below with MCC004 SB off WOPC off OS OFF


for yuden t02…I always burn them @ 12x
( i found the result @ 8x worse than 12x whatsoever )
i recommend SB on and WOPC off as the best strategy (well, this works for me)
this is one of my typical scans…


alan1476, lol, suppose u hadnt read my first/2nd post completely! thats exactly what im saying, that mcc004 @ 12x gives a better
burned dvd than a ty02, even @ 8x, however my ty02 12x burns were completely screwed up, with hundreds of pof’s, another
with close to 1/2 million pie’s! and thats exactly what i need help with, to get a good 12x write strat for the ty02.


puttingdog, now thats what im talking bout, 66 pif. btw how did u get it to burn @ 12x, coz even with sb turned on,
ty02 only has 4x and 8x write strats! thanx for ur help man.


hi L’Arc-en-Ciel
get QSuite 2.1 from this thread:

turn on the overspeed option and you’ll be able to burn over the manufacturer’s speed limits

both T02 and TY02 i recommend them to burn at least at 12x with DW1655


puttingdog, ya i had an idea that u might recommend using os, btw do u knw if t02+os or t03 @ 12x is better for burning t02 @ 12x? thanx.

i would like if som1 could post some scans of t02 burned @ 12x with os and with t03 write strat. thanx.


L’Arc-en-Ciel: you should only use strategy swapping if the stock firmware and Solid Burn does not give a good result. I believe this is what MCSE for.

I can get a scan like this with T02 @12x and SB/WOPC/OS all ON using stock firmware. Note that it depends on my media batch and I don’t expect to get 99% quality score all the time.


Yep, why change strategy if you can get results like these with T02 @12x using OS (SB and WOPC also ON). Burned in 6:31 min on original full face printable TY media.


@Zevia, when we were beta testing the MCSE for Ala42 I remember that you were not getting the same results with this media as I was and Ala42 posted a fix where you rename the media to Yuden000-TX2-000 and it worked, I have searched and cannot find that post, can you? It was around Jan 25th if my memory serves me. Could you post a link to that thread if you can find it.


Found here alan1476:


Thanks Zevia, I was having the same problem with my 1655 crossflashed to 1650 with this media, and now it is fixed. Thankyou, I searched for 30 minutes looking for that post, I guess my searching method needs to be refined. Thanks again.


Yes, this procedure works well on the 1650. :slight_smile:


L’Arc-en-Ciel, reread your first post and I can’t see if you tried these setting before;
Overspeed (OS)=ON, SolidBurn (SB)=ON (by default when you enable OS), WOPC=ON.
[I]Edit,[/I] I see zevia also posted the same.

Verbatim branded YUDEN000-T02 [TG001158] burned with ImgBurn (movie image) at 12x, 1640/BSLB (stock).
Why make write strategy swapping at all?