Gonna buy a new burner - what's the best one for making 1:1 copies of games..?



Ok, so obviously, i want to buy a burner that works with Clone CD AND can copy the new Safe Disc2 games without a problem. I already have a scsi plex reader, so i would like to get a scsi plex writer, but now i read that the nw plextors can copy the new SD2 games? If i bought a new plextor cdr, would i be able to copy SD2 games by first using patch image to patch teh clone cd image, and then burning? My next burner doesnt’ HAVE to be a plextor, although i’m leaning toward becasue of Plextor’s reputation…my old burner right now is a yammie and it’s been good to me…just gotta move up from that 4x…oh yea, and what speed should i get this new burner? I don’t want to waste my money on the FAST burner out there since the differences in burn times nowadays are only like 2minutes right? So…what’s the best value scsi burner i can get, that meets my copying requirements?..Thanks guys for any and all your help…