Gong Show VHS Clip to YOUTUBE

Hi, Please, if this is in the wrong Forum, please move to. Thanks you.

I have an old VHS tape of our band playing 90 seconds on the original Chuck Barris’ Gong Show from 1977. My bass player e-mailed me today to ask if I would post it on YouTube. No, we did not get GONGED!!!

Without a Video capture card, I don’t think I could do this myself, or what format it should be converted to,to be able to post on my High School website or on Youtube.

I have Nero Express and the options VIDEO CD, Super Video CD, or DVD-Video Files.

There are many businesses that charge for this,would it be cheaper in the long run to do this myself? Costco charges 19.99 for two DVD’s, and I just need 90 seconds. Thanks! :bow:

Find a friend with a DVD Recorder?