Who on this forum plays? How long have you been playing? What is your favorite course (with location)? And, naturally, your best score?

I’ll start. I’ve just began playing this spring. My favorite course so far is Through the Green in Joelton, TN. And my best score so far is a 121 (49 over par for that course, I already know I suck!).

I’m not a very active poster on this forum, but I’ll chip in. (so to speak)

I’ve been playing for 9 and a half years now. Still not a single digit handicapper though. Usually shoot between 80 and 85, though I will break 80 occasionally when I’m putting and chipping particularly well.

I play in West Texas, in the heat and high winds. My favorite course is a very pretty, well maintained public course called The Gaines County course, near Seminole, Texas. I don’t live very close to it, so it is a treat to go there to play. Most of the time I play Hogan Park in Midland, TX, or Ocotillo Park in Hobbes, NM.

My best score was a 72 on a par 70. Would still like to have a couple of those putts back to try again.

jhtalisman—don’t worry about scoring just yet. Go out and have fun, and try to make solid contact with the ball. The game is a lot harder than it looks, and it takes a while to improve.


I have been playing for almost 10 years…i’m no where near great but the course at Old Waverly, Columbus Mississippi is by far the best i’ve played on.(They will be hosting the LPGA again) …my best game was a 71 on a par 70…that day was just perfect …just enough breeze to help on the back 9…
I don’t play now as much i use to or would like to…but I guess you can say i’m finally growing up …

my favorite clubs of choice are the Ping G5L 's of course with the true temper sensa core shafts :wink: that cuts way down on the Ping…ing in my elbow :wink:

I think I’ve finally figured out how to hit my irons (Vipers). As straight-armed as possible, otherwise I top the crap out of the ball and usually directly into the nearest trap (my shots love water hazards!). I haven’t played a round since I started doing this, but probably will either Wed. or Thurs. so that I can see how it helps my score. Also switched from an oversized driver to a standard as the clubface isn’t quite as curved which helps reduce my slice. Anxious to find out how all this helps. My putting isn’t too bad, just have to get speed right, which I’ve been practicing.

LOL! I like this thread. I’ve gone with friends a couple of times. I’ll say it now. I suck at golf. I play on a small 9-hole course about 5 minutes from my house. Usually i’m to busy to go exept for a couple of days a year. My best score was probably around a 70…on a 9 hole course :o. I can drive the ball pretty good, but my approach shots are America’s Funniest Videos candidates. I am the king of hitting worm burners that never get more than 5 feet off the ground. Maybe this summer i’ll work on it a little bit, and if i do, I’ll definitely keep everyone posted. It will at least be good for a couple laughs :p.

I have been playing since about 1980…
Best round I ever had was a 78 on my hometown par 72 course.
One hole in one in 26 years of playing.
Favorite course is called Ptarmigan in Windsor Colorado. It is a Jack Nicklaus desgin, it was open to the public until about 5 years ago when the membership filled up and went private. In a good year I get to play maybe 25 rounds, this year I might get 12.
My average score is around an 82, I can go lower if I have it together on a given day but that doesn’t happen often, maybe one round a season.
It is a great game cause you can never master it, it masters you…