Golf is the ultimate four letter word



Or in other words, its time for the 2011 golf season thread! Yay. :slight_smile:

Out here in W. Texas, its been good enough golfing weather for a month or so, and I have been taking advantage of that for a few rounds and quite a lot of practice time. Last year the weather didn’t get bad till very late, so we were playing well into December.

I get spoiled playing in the winter though. I get an exaggerated sense of how far I can hit the ball when the fairways are hard and dry. When they finally get green again, I’m in trouble once more. Distance is getting to be more and more of a problem as I get old and decrepit.

Anyway, this week I had what was simultaneously one of my best rounds, and one of my worst. Playing my regular course (where I have the very best chance of scoring well), I managed to finish the front 9 in one over par. If I hadn’t missed that 2 1/2 ft putt… :a oh well.

The middle of that course is the toughest part though, and somehow I got through it reasonably well. Par on 10, par on 11, then screwed up the drive on 12. From behind the trees, I managed to hit a 190 yd shot onto the green, but left myself 40+ ft for birdie. Which I proceeded to make! :eek: Holy cats! After 12 holes I’m at even par? Never done that before.

Then the wheels fell off. Seven over par on the last 6 holes…including two missed putts from 3ft. :Z Finished 7 over 78 on the par 71 course.

On a side note, I had tree trouble on 11 holes due to tee shots and managed par or better on all but two of those. Lots of fun when you can pull that off.

So, if anyone wants to contribute their golf tales for this year, here’s a good spot. :slight_smile:


Oh, and I’m scheduled to play somewhere near Austin with my nephew this weekend. The central Texas courses generally eat my lunch, so I’m hoping against all odds to break 90. :eek:


Am I in the right thread…?


Oohh I’ve missed this thread.

Great to see you’re getting out Kerry.

Still too early in the season for me yet as the daylight hours aren’t quite good enough and the courses are still a bit waterlogged.

I’m dying to get out there though and this thread will probably make it worse!! :bigsmile:



As expected, the course in central Texas kicked me around a lot. Here’s where we played:

45 on the front, and 43 on the back, so I did scrape out with slightly better than bogey golf, but still pretty disappointing. The grain on the Tiff Bermuda greens was just baffling…I missed too many short putts to count.

I also managed to duck hook a drive into an iron rail fence , just by luck it didn’t shoot through and hit someone’s house. :o


The first few times out are usually a nightmare although funny enough last season we went out for the first time and both of us played brilliantly by our standards.

It’s got to the stage where nothing surprises me now with golf, it’s just so unpredictable.

Anyway at least it gives you something to aim for (other than houses that is :bigsmile:).

Sorry, couldn’t resist that one! :stuck_out_tongue:



Well the time has come and I’m going out for the first time this season so wish me luck for tomorrow (as I’ll need it :)).

It’ll be great to get out again and I spent some time today cleaning my clubs, fitting new cleats and generally getting my gear ready.

We’ll see how it goes but needless to say I’m not expecting anything great performance wise tomorrow. :wink:



Had a great time at the weekend and contrary to expectations played amazingly well.

I genuinely hadn’t hit a ball since last season and was a bit worried about teeing off.

Got a two at the first hole!!! :smiley:

The ball landed about five feet away from the hole and I knocked the putt in.

Couldn’t believe it and I don’t know where that came from.

Then got another two at the third. Was about three feet away that time. :eek:

Got a couple of pars too which is good for me and by that I mean genuine pars (counting off scratch).

Perhaps I should stop practising for longer to improve even more. :bigsmile::bigsmile:



Good to hear you played well Wombler. :slight_smile:

I’ve been out again myself, but was spraying tee shots everywhere. We don’t have that many trees, but found myself behind them on 9 or 10 of the holes. Shot 83, which is pretty much my average round at my regular course.


Cheers Kerry. :flower:

TBH I’ve always tended to be a bit erratic with either a very good shot or a terrible one but I took a few steps to alter my swing last season so perhaps this is starting to pay off.

I used to be a bit unbalanced at the finish but now I’ve eased off a bit and I make sure I’m stable at the end of the swing.

Quite a few of my shorter shots are now producing noticeable backspin and I can now be more aggressive at going for the hole.

Whether I get it right or not on each shot is another matter but then I’m always battling against myself in this regard.

Even if I get an unlucky bounce though or I’ve misjudged the distance slightly, I’m happy if I’ve struck the ball well and that’s the challenge for me.

Let’s hope this happens a bit more often now for both of us. :bigsmile::flower:



golf in Texas is not easy you have to watch out for


Presumably that’s a free drop. :bigsmile:



Managed to get out again the other day and was woeful. :rolleyes:

Oh well, can’t expect too much too soon I suppose. :slight_smile:





Last outing, shot 85. :Z
Good news was that I played 14 holes pretty well.

Bad news…the other four holes kicked me in the shin, stole my lunch money, tied me to the flagpole and told me my father smelled of elderberries.

This was a course I rarely get to play, and the fairways were actually green! Made for short tee shots, but there was actual grass out there.
I really suck at recovery shots however and very nearly hit myself with a carom off a tree at short range. :eek:


Yeah it’s always a mixed bag for me too at the start of the season.

I’m happy if I get a reasonable amount of decent shots and work on things from there.

I was out a couple of days ago and was pretty bad although my partner thought I was exaggerating.

Let’s hope he was right! :bigsmile:

Had a real lucky par though.

The ball landed on the edge of bunker, ran around the outside like the wall of death and lipped up onto the green. :slight_smile:

Knocked it stone dead with the first putt though, in fact my putting was brilliant that day.

Putted another one in from about five feet off the green (30 feet in total) and never three putted the whole time.



The drought is taking its toll on the public courses around here.

Played one of my regular spots and was hitting off hardpan most of the day. Even the middle of the fairway was hard as a brick. I had a gap wedge shot to a green bounce and roll 35 ft uphill. :eek: It even had the correct trajectory, but conditions were tough.

Normally my greatest strength is my iron play, especially middle irons, but this day I mishit the 8, 7, 6 and 5 irons…mostly thin shots. Had two completely stupid penalty strokes from mishit mid irons and add in a couple of three putts… well, its hard to score doing that.

Shot 81 on a par 72 course.


Sounds horrendous Kerry but it’s difficult to perform well when the conditions are that bad.

We’re kind of the opposite here as the courses never really dry out to that extent and waterlogging is more often a problem.

I suppose when you think about it that’s actually quite interesting as although we’re playing the same sport, you and I are effectively playing a different type of game due to different climates.

I’ve been on vacation/holiday recently so I haven’t managed to get out for about a month now.

Doesn’t exactly help me get into the groove when I’m not getting enough practice but at least I’m always optimistic. :bigsmile:



Love is blind

Golf is easy, “its just hard to play”
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After a very busy month, I finally had a chance to play today. The course was crowded…everyone was trying to play in the morning before the heat really kicked in.

Hit my usual selection of good/fair/unmentionable shots, but for some reason the putter was really clicking. Only had 27 putts for the round and shot 78 on a par 71 course. Nine bogeys, seven pars and two birdies.

I have one nemesis hole on this course (#17) and it decided to bite me once more. I hit a low, pull hook into the scrub, and had to take my second penalty stroke of the day. By the time I was on the green I was putting for bogey from 15-16 ft above the hole, and darned if it didn’t go straight in. :slight_smile: