GoldWave multiple file combination question



I’m new at using Goldwave.

I need to combine two Mp3 files that are on my computer into one file(one song after the other). I’d also like to add 2(or more) wave files from my computer into one too.

I know how to “cut” files apart, but don’t see how to combine 2 audio files into 1.

Can I do that with Goldwave?
(please tell me how, OK?)


Open the MP3 files in GoldWave. You should then have two separate windows for each audio track. Copy the entire track to be appended, and open the other window and paste it to the end of the first track. Go to File | Save As as save it to the location, name, and format desired.

Combining WAV files is done the same way.


Thank you, Inertia

Cool!..I did it!

Thank you very much!



You’re welcome, daddySEAL. :slight_smile: