GoldenHawk releases CDRwin 4.0a, but

As I saw, goldenhakw was resently CDRwin 4.0a …

There is no changelog aviable yet.

I rremeber this program from the early times of copy protections (or better try of protections) … but for many years, it was not in anymore … maybe because there were much better programs.

Any experiences with taht new 4.0a … or just another pice of software, nobody needs nowerdays?


I downloaded and installed it. Had 3.9K prior but it didn’t support my NEC 3540. Version 4.0A does :slight_smile: Haven’t burned anything with it yet. This program was popular back in the days for it’s ability to make working copies of Playstation 1 games. It’s interface is pretty dated but the program still has decent functionality in my opinion. I like the fact that after all these years, it’s still a <1MB setup file for a burning program. Can’t say that for any of today’s burning apps… especially Nero, setup file only grows more and more each and every new release.

Mmmmmm, I can’t download it, page can’t be found … will try it again tomorrow.