Golden Hawk Technology releases CDRWin version 3.9H

I just posted the article Golden Hawk Technology releases CDRWin version 3.9H.

Golden Hawk Technology has released an update of their CDRWin software. Unfortunately
there is no information available on what has changed in version 3.9H so here is
the old…

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I hope i can burn cue/bin on my cds now. With the old versions i cant burn cue/bin cds with my dvdwriters(pioneer a04 and a08). Goldenhawks CDRwn is one of the best burning programs out there. Still use it to burn cue/bin files (fuck Nero) and audio (I love the auto 0sec gab it adds automaticly).

Try using BAO (, it’s freeware and also burns .bin/.cue Images.

feurio! for cda

Stiill doesn’t suport USB drives (like my Pioneer 108 in external USB 2 box) ((sigh)) :r