Golden Hawk releases CDRWIN v3.9G

I just posted the article Golden Hawk releases CDRWIN v3.9G.

On the Golden Hawk Technology site we spotted a new version of CDRWIN v3.9G.What’s new in versions 3.9? More than 1500 different CDROM and DVD …

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Wow, this software is still around. I would use it Why?

If my memory is correct, this change log is the same for all 3.9 versions. :c

why you would use it? because it is small…i think lol

This software is the redheaded stepchild of burning software. I wonder if they interface has changed ever.

Back in the day this software was the one for burning or copying PSX games.

Duplication companies still use this and Diskjuggler, because it can utilize an autoloader. For personal backups though, yeah, it blows.

my respects to this software, back in the day this was the only copy protection software we had that we could count on. It was universally used by to defeat copy protections. If this software has been properly kept up it should be better than CloneCD or 321’s Game X Copy (whatever its called). Is it? Does anybody still use?

Yes, I use the Windows console version. Also called Goldenhawk DAO.

Well i used to use this soft… thats cause there was not a lof of programs back then…now we have tons of burning prog’s for cd and dvd so last time i used cdrwin was many years ago… i dont know who uses this software anymore… :d?

Well, it STILL doesn’t support my LiteOn 411s DVD writer and also Pioneer 106 (USB Box) so not much of a changelog for me!:r More than 1500 different CDROM and DVD recorder models are now supported. Please see Supported Devices for a complete list. Support for DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs. But NOT mine :c

:B the interface has changed. At least I remember the icons being redesigned way back and new options becoming available as new technologies like RW and the rest made their way. But yes, it’s not the most intuitive on the market today. If it serves its purpose, great - reason enough for it to exist, I guess. It never struck me as a well-designed program as far as GUI usability goes… :g

Do you guys remember the old (and its earlier iteration, can’t remember the name/url)… back in THAT day, CDRWIN was cool !! Cue-sheets were a pain but it worked!

well, it actually supports Pioneer DVR-106 and DVR-107 too, at least on IDE interface. :wink:

Yes, and i think DAO is the only pure command line recording program available (and not obsolete). Pretty usefull when incorporating recording functions to selfmade personal programs or backup all important dirs/files in one click. ? i haven’t been to cdrsoft for a while, does it even exist now?