Golden Hawk releases CDRWIN v3.9D, more devices supported

I just posted the article Golden Hawk releases CDRWIN v3.9D, more devices supported.

BadReligionPR used our news submit to tell us that Golden Hawk Technology has released a new version of
their CDRWIN
software yesterday. According to the Golden Hawk website this latest version…

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great tool…but isn’t it a bit strange that it still excists while nothing special changes about it?

According to Goldenhawk development has not stopped. They just don’t make progress in showing us they are adding features :wink: Seriously, it seems CDRWin only gets drive updates and that’s all. The creator probably is able to live off the current income CDRWin is generating and is happy with it.

Great program specialy for burning cue/bin files with all working 100% good somthing you cant say from nero wich still burn coasters sometimes with there cue/bin support. So all hail to the king goldenhawk!!!

Man, I have not been on Cdfreaks for a while and I cannot believe the CDrWin still is updating. I remember when we use to use CDrwin to make perfect copies of games back in the day when CloneCD was not around yet. Must have been like 4 years ago. Anyways all I use now is CloneCD, good old verion 3. I do not like the new verion4 at all. If i have a Cue/bin to burn I just grab them with daemon and make a disc copy with clonecd.

I use Alcohole 120% for ISO, BIN, CUE images… Works really well for me…