Golden Hawk CDRWIN 4.0(A) released - no changelog

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Conductor used our news submit to tell us that the Golden Hawk Technology site has announced a newer version of their burning tool. A lot of people like this program and it’s been…

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Wow is this still being sold! Anything actually new in this release or just another list of standard recorders added? (ones that other software vendors update automatically without charging you) :stuck_out_tongue: Eeee I remember when I wer-a-lad and this software was the dogs bollocks, now it’s just a dog.

Ayeee! I thought these guys went out of business 4 years ago … and then there was that mob making cdrwin5, which was a counterfeit version …

I see nothing here that I haven’t gotten from other better software for the last 2+ years. NO NEED TO CONVERT MP3 TO WAV, we have only had that for what 3 or 4 years with Discjuggler, Nero, and EasyCD creator.

Long dead overpriced and underpowered software. A complete waste of download bytes.

Those features have been in there forever. The only new things in version 4.0A are bug fixes and more drive support.

My understanding is that it does better bit for bit copying without changing the disc layout. Pretty good if you have cd with some sort of copy protection. For example Magix MP3 Music Maker Deluxe 10, standard copy programs could not copy the bad sectors. I had to use Alcohol to create an image then burn. I’m sure CDRWin would have done the job, the problem is that CDRwin has to support the your burner to work. So I think it still has value in this respect but they should offer lifetime burner updates. Luis Gutierrez Edit: Removed commercial links
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funnily enough I still do not know another software that makes the standard bin/cue files that have long been the standard for downloads. Sure Alcohol and Nero burn cue/bin files fine, but I think it’s still CDRwin that is actually making the cue/bin files in the first place. As long as this is the case It will still have a place in the market, but do they sell many??? It does NOT support DVD as far as i know.:g

CDRWin is still the only program I use to create .iso files from disk directories, it is still the only software I use to copy audio cds and PSX cds, and is the only software I am aware of that allows me to create bootable discs (both cd and dvd) for my O/S installs. Don’t need to register it to accomplish any of those tasks. Incidently I use Alcohol120% to burn the resulting iso images created with CDRWin. Great software for this purpose.

If I remember correctly, early versions of this software would punish those who used blacklisted/bogus keys by burning coasters and even erasing files off the HDD. And the author was quite a hostile assclown over the whole issue. Bad publicity and the software never really recovered.

Well actually the program WinISO ( can convert to CUE / BIN format. while it is still old, version 5.3 worx very fine for me.