Golden 1.6TB discs on the horizon

I just posted the article Golden 1.6TB discs on the horizon.

Optical discs coated in nanometre-scale particles of gold could be on the market within a decade, each holding the equivalent of around 340 DVD movies.

The new optical disc format - known as 5D…

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Please, whoever brings this to Market - don’t call it ‘Gold-ray’.

Wow, that’s a LOT of porn.

It would have to be ‘GoldenRod’ wouldn’t it?

Thereby linking in with DukeNukem’s comment :slight_smile:

Let’s hope they write the movie information in multiple streams that occupy different physical sections of the disc so that scratches can be corrected by using the “best of 3” method.

My fav tech of all time has always been cd and i have been praying for them to find a way to keep optical alive and it seems theres hope. I love Hard drives but they have short life spans disc can be so much better if we can get storage like that on them.

Even 48kHz is way TOO LOW a sample rate.

I guess holographic support wasn’t good enough. Infinetely stable and recoverable, loads of room, cheep. Go for the gold tiger!

where do you see 48kHz?

I wish something like this would come out as a cheap alternative backup solution. DVD, even dual layer, isn’t cutting it anymore and Bluray is still really too expensive to make it a cheap viable alternative.

But even with BD disc being expensive do you really think that this alternative would be cheaper than BD? not yet or by a long shot. I am on the verge to get a WD HDTV Player and move over to HDD’s as they are much much cheaper.

Well, let me see Dr. Who. If the licensing fees are dramatically lower than what the Bluray Association charges, then yes it could be cheaper than the Bluray media since it says the cost of manufacturing a single disc is only a few cents and the process is similiar to DVD. HDD have moving parts and moving parts eventually break down. I just had a HDD fail on me about 2 weeks ago.I am in the process of trying to recover my data on there but don"t have much hope. HDD is not a good medium to back up your data on. With a disc, it is permenant and with quality media, it can last decades.

you shouold away have 2 drives for every drive you need, 1 to store and one to ack as bacjup, since one they are cheaper and fast, to back up my Tb of starage i would need 1,000 dvd about. to achieve this. so DVD is out of the questuion, we need optical cheap and in HD size sizes.

Well my HDD’s I plan on useing are not going to constantly be hooked up the failure rate will be very minimumal at the least. I still think SDHC cards and USB drives are going to drive the future never the less. Just my theory.

I don’t see this being a cheap format to begin with. Part of the reason blu-ray is still expensive, is the technology is relatively new. It was the same when DVD came out. The hardware’s expensive, you have companies still trying recoup all of their R and D costs with developing their bluray technology. It wouldn’t be any cheaper with any other optical format. Look at HD-DVD when it came out, it was suppose to be alot cheaper than bluray, because you convert dvd factories to hd-dvd factories, but in practicality there’s movies/player were just as expensive as bluray (until they panicked and slashed prices and lost a billion dollars). I don’t see any reason why this technology would be any cheaper at is conception, than bluray, hd-dvd, dvd, or cd when they were all new. I’m sure bluray blanks/burners will drop in price in time. It happened with CD’s (my first cd burner was almost 400 dollars, bluray burners can already be had for around 200), DVD’s.

that being said, 1.6tb optical disc would be sweet :slight_smile: