Gold will no longer copy to two DVDs

When I attempt to use Gold to copy to DVDs, split, I choose no menus on 2nd DVD then click next and … nothing. Anyone else having this problem?

Are you using the wizard and following tutorial? Also make sure th burn ti DL is clicked off. Also please post more information such as burner, media, movie, region etc.


I have done it before using either method. Yup DL turned off. Tried via wizard and copy whole disc etc. Tried all angles, even swapping discs in drives. I’ll try a reinstall tonight.

Problem solved. Tried to uninstall and couldn’t, interesting. Installed latest version and problem solved. Cheers guys.

You install over older versions to save key etc.


I’m having the same problem with the latest version. I tried uninstalling the latest version to go back to an earlier version and it does the same thing. I have a feeling that I did not do a complete uninstall. I normally use the wizard and it’ll split it no problem. I get a message that says " this is a dvd9 and can not be split into 2-dvd5s" or something to that effect. The first disc I had problems with was the “greys anatomy” season disc, since it was my first experience with a season disc I did’nt fret over it too much. But the latest disc “the aristocrats” comedians disc is put together like a regular movie with extras. It would not split this one either. 2.972 is the latest version I believe.

Region=usa,plextor px-708a,ritek 8x dvd+r media which always works great, I always recordat the slowest speed.

Did you have to go back and delete all the files in the directory after the uninstall? Is it best to use microsofts uninstall or Fengtaos uninstall routine?

I really like this software, it’s the easiest, dummyproof, software I’ve ever used. I’ve made 100s of backups of my own stuff with this software without even a hiccup except for this time.

Any help would be appreciated.

I always just install over the one that is on computer. The only reason a disc could not be split is if original has compressed files. You can use windows to uninstall but don’t think it will remove the VSO burning engine. You may want to download again in case the whole file did not down load the first time.


I tried to do a complete uninstall but it wouldn’t let me do it from control panel or under the DVD Fab uninstall? I upgraded as usuall method and the problem was solved. Would split any disc, no error, just wouldn’t go to the next screen. Try install of the latest version. Oh I forgot I was able to unistall the VSO Paffin from the program directory. When you upgarde to the latest version VSO will reinstall. Try that.