Gold-topped MXLRG03 and PX-712A



Has anyone tried the gold-topped Maxell 8x DVD-R discs (US and Canada market) with their Plextor drive? Mine just does not want to burn these at 8x; it will either drop them to 6x or fail to burn completely with a “no seek complete error”. At 6x the quality is admittedly good, and I have gotten one or two to burn at 8x successfully, but mostly it’s 6x or bust. I have noticed these MXLRG03 are a bit different from others; they have no stack ring like the Apple 8x discs and those sold in the Japanese market and they have a completely different serial numbering system…


Where did you get 'em, Two Degrees? I’ve always had great luck with every Maxell I’ve ever tried. I’ve haven’t seen gold-topped Maxells since early in the CDR days.


Bought these at OD when they were 5.97 for 15.
Burns fine in my Plex 712.


I guess my drive just doesn’t like these discs. It’d be interesting to see how Zevia’s and bladeede’s drives perform with these discs, considering how close their serial numbers are to mine. When I burn these discs PowerRec is very aggressive with lots of recalibration points before the drive even reaches the 8x mark. Pchilson, could you do a burn of one of these (if you have any left) with CD-DVD Speed or PlexTools so I could see the write transfer pattern?


Here you go Two Degrees…
Between my four drives the Plex 712 burns these the best. :slight_smile:


Perfect burn :frowning:
My spindle of MXLRG03 is actually a mix of two spindles I got at two different places, so I can’t imagine they’re both bad batches…


I just tried to burn another one at 8x, and this is what happened.


Got my stack at Walgreens of the gold-topped ones. Quality varies, but in general, they are poor–and they burn poorly in my Benq 1620 as well. (Bad for me means above 100 PIE for about 1/8th of the disc. My first burn shows a PIE spike of 202, with an average PIE of about 6. Typical for this drive is an avg PIE of 0.2-0.3) However I’ve noticed some strange behavior with PX716 FW1.03–evidence of “learning how to burn” without any new entries in the Autostrategy database (I’ll post this in another thread if my evidence pans out, but for now I’m doing some more investigation). Since this is my first FW1.03 burn of these discs, I’ll see if my second one improves.


I think I’ve resolved to burn these at 6x, since they give good burns at that speed. I still don’t understand what PowerRec is doing with these discs.


TD, is the Maxell -R 8x made in Japan or Taiwan? I think now @staples is 5.97 something, let see if I can get those.


MXLRG03, made in Japan.


Here’s an interesting discovery…maybe hyour MXLRG03s don’t burn so bad after all.
I burned at 8X in my PX-716A and got PIEs of 201 max using Plextools 2.18. I rescanned with Plextools 2.19A and got PIEs of 101 max on the same disc. :confused: THEN I scanned it in my Benq 1620 B7P9 (similar to the scans above), and got a max PIE of 19!!! :eek:

Quite a difference! I have noticed some read issues on my Pioneer standalone DVD player on the discs that Plextools reports as marginal, regardless of the love my Benq 1620 has for them, so I am thinking that Plextools values are closer to the truth than the Benq scans using CD/DVD Speed


Say pchilson, could you do a Q-Check PI/PO scan of one of those discs? Just for a different perspective.


Two Degrees, here ya go… (scanned at “good accuracy”)
This is the same disc that I scanned in post # 5 above, however it has been tossed around a bit since then and has a few visible “markings” on the recording surface… :wink:


Here is the PIF scan for the disc above.


MXL RG03 8x DVD-R burned at 8x
Plextor PX-712A fw1.05. Media sold as Maxell DVD-R 15 pack (Made in Japan).

Compare with:

  • Plextor PX-716A 1.03 @8x, here.
  • BenQ DW1620A B7P9 @12x, here.


Okay this is getting ridiculous…what’s the serial number engraved in the hub?


I made another attempt at 8x, and while the burn didn’t fail this time around, the PIE errors shot up so high PowerRec dropped the speed down to 6x. I’m not sure why sometimes it is able to drop the speed successfully and other times the burn just fails totally. I’ve burned TYG02 (both Fujifilm- and JVC-branded) and SONY08D1 at 8x with no problems, so I guess it’s a problem with these particular batches I got…? :confused:


Just for comparison, here are scans of a JVC TYG02 and Sony SONY08D1.


I’m not having any luck with MAXELL002 either. Went to Staples and grabbed a 15-disc spindle for $5.97+tax. I’ve tried to burn three in a row at 12x with CD-DVD Speed and none was able to reach that speed; two dropped to 6x and one simply put out a normal 8x burn :confused: The one that actually burned at 8x wasn’t that great either: